By Linda Markham

Pyramid of Enlightenment

What are signs? Why do people ask for signs? How do you get signs?

I'm a huge believer in asking the universe for signs. I ask for signs from my father and get them pretty quick when I request them. We can ask for signs from deceased loved ones and we can ask for signs as answers to questions we may have too. You can simply toss it out into the universe and ask for your sign at any given moment......your angels will hear you.

ALWAYS ask for a specific sign in a SPECIFIC TIME. I don't just say "give me a sign" and then think I will see it in five minutes. You need to ask for what you need and then put a time limit on it.

While on the way to the museum, my happy place, I asked my father, who is on the other side, to show me a red mercedes that very day, had to be that day, if he was in the room with me when I had my tuning fork session with Lee Ann. I felt he was in there, but wanted him to confirm it. I don't see a red mercedes often and use this as a sign often, have for years. I was also not driving on a side of town where you might see a red mercedes........however, the red mercedes could have shown up on a tv commercial, a newspaper ad, on the computer maybe later that night while looking at the internet. It did not have to be a real car. I needed that sign by the time I was ready to turn off the light and go to bed THAT DAY.

As I was at the light leaving the parking lot of the museum.....there it was! My beautiful sign. My gorgeous brand new beautiful red mercedes drove past me. I was in awe.......I can go for months not seeing a red mercedes. He gave me my confirmation that he was there. In addition, he added a golf ball bouncing across a 4 lane highway.....I watched it confused and then (duh!) realized I had asked my father previously for golf signs as he used to play golf nearly everyday.

Of course, you can ask the universe for other signs.........some people ask to hear a certain song..........see a certain color on someone, there's just so many things you can ask for to see or hear as confirmation or answers to questions. Give it a whirl and start ASKING for those signs.

When someone passes away and someone says they're waiting on a sign from them, if you didn't ask for anything in particular, you'd better be ready for the sign they chose! It may have come and gone and you think you didn't get one! ASK. It's that simple. Believe that you will get your sign. Then you will receive it. And don't forget.....ask for the sign in a specific time.