Article - Chakras: A Guided Meditation Guide

(1) Sit a white candle near you and light it. Make sure that it is a container that will not drip wax or catch on fire if you should fall to sleep during this meditation. Make sure it is in a place where it can not get knocked over.

(2) Turn off all the lights in the room and gaze at the candle flame for a few minutes. Close your eyes and visualize the candle flame in your mind's eye. Do this for ten of fifteen minutes until you can see the image of the candle flame flickering in your mind.

(3) With the Chakra Chart in front of you, focus on the red colors that you see on the screen. Next, close your eyes and visualize this color radiating clear and strong at the base of your spine.

(4) Focus on the color Orange and visualize this color in your mind's eye, radiating clear and strong at the sacral center between the navel and genitals.

(5) Continue to move upward on this chart and visualize each color in your mind's eye and see it radiating strong and clear in the body as it is seen on the chart.

(6) Once you have visualized each of these colors in your mind, visualize white light or the light of God radiating down through the top color down to the bottom color and back up and out of the top of your head. Let this white light flow out of the top of your head like a fountain and wrap you in a shape of an egg shell. Feel the Love of God surrounding you and protecting you.

(7) When you become fully alert turn the lights back on.

Pyramid of Enlightenment