Articles - Aura Balancing and controlling energy

Strengthening the Body's Ability to Heal Itself

Every cell in the human body has an intelligence of its own, and each cell is designed to perform a certain function. Once we become aware of this intelligence we can send messages to these cells and the cells of other intelligence. Each of these cells is subject to the instinctive mind that controls and manages the growth, nourishment and operation of the physical body. The instinctive mind is not confined to the brain only.

It is distributed throughout the entire nervous system. The spinal column and solar plexus are important centers of operation. Every nerve in the body is a live wire though which the Vital Life Force Energy may flow through. Instinctively we automatically do things all the time to help direct this energy without consciously thinking about it. If we are upset, we cover our eyes. If a part of our body hurts, we rub it. Our hands radiate the life force energy! You can mentally direct the Life Force Energy through breath, your intuitive mind, your eyes and your hands.

Pyramid of Enlightenment