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Orgonite Device

Pyramid of Enlightenment

Orgonite devices are composed of quartz, metal and resin. When the quartz and metal fragments harden in the resin it creates a constant pressure so they attract and repel against each other like a scrubbing action. This scrubbing sparks a quartz charge that cleanses stagnant, negative ions to bring in healthy, positive energy.

Individuals like to use it around electronic equipment for its decreasing sensitivity of electromagnetic frequency (EMF) fields. Corners of rooms, desks and offices are great places for these devices since they remove negative energy.

“Armored energy structures (negative energy “stuck” in your aura) can also be created by physical traumatic events, like violent death, or sustained emotional abuse in a house. These negative energy structures can hang around for a very long time. Placing an energy device in or on such a spot will clear up the place.

Orgonite will also remove negative entities from a house. Negative entities are often characterized by their tendencies of imposing their will upon the living, for example out of anger, or by wanting to control the occupants of the house, and often they feed off the life force of the living. They are all traits of restricted, armored energy present in these entities themselves.”

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