Articles - Rebalance your energy using Aura and chakra control


By Lee Ann Cornell

Pyramid of Enlightenment

The Aura is an energy field that surrounds and interpenetrates the physical body. This Life Force Energy helps to nourish and sustain all life forms including the mineral, plant and animal kingdom. The Aura can be seen intuitively and with the human eye. It is like a shimmering light of a candle in a rainbow of colors. The colors change with each passing state of the mind. Our mental, physical, emotional and spiritual states are reflected in our auras.

There are seven major energy centers within the human body. These energy centers are called Chakras or wheels of energy. These spinning vortexes of energy receive, assimilate and distribute energy to hundreds of minor centers throughout the body. The energy or life force enters into the body through the Aura and moves through Chakras. The Chakras resonate and vibrate to the Seven Major Musical tones in a C Scale. They also correspond and vibrate to the seven colors in the rainbow.

Balanced centers create a sense of harmony in the body. Harmonizing your environment, deep breathing, drinking plenty of water, eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, getting a bit of sunshine and drawing upon God's loving life force energy that surrounds each and every one of us can help these centers maintain balance. Aura Balancing is the process of combing, soothing and energizing the Aura. Energy is directed and distributed throughout the Aura and Chakra Centers. There is no laying on of hands in this process. It is merely energy work and it requires some knowledge and a bit of intuition.

Pyramid of Enlightenment