Classes - Pendulums

Basic Understanding of Pendulums 

With Jody

1.5 Hour Workshop
6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.    12/15/2023     


The goal of this workshop is to introduce the student to a better understanding of pendulums and working with them. There are many choices of pendulums so it is a good start to better bond with your personal pendulum or find one that you feel more connected to.


Among the topics covered :

  1. How to use a pendulum and what the directions of the swing means.
  2. How to apply the pendulum when doing energy work
  3. Asking questions and a better interpretation of the answers
  4. Learning to use intent with the pendulum
  5. How to use a pendulum chart

Benefits of taking this Class:

  1. You will be shown how to ask question to get a more effective answer that you are looking for
  2. You will discover how to choose a pendulum that is personalized to you
  3. You will understand how to choose your crystals with the pendulum
  4. A short meditation will be offered at the end of the class
Pendulum Graphic

Jody is well trained in the understanding of tuning forks, psychic readings and has broadened her horizons into modalities such as chakras, pendulums and meditation. She has the knowledge of how to apply pendulums from everyday questions to more intricate techniques of energy work.


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