Are You There?

Are You There? (Signs from the other side)
By Linda Markham

I THRIVE on signs. I love getting signs from the universe. And they’re there for the asking!

I always recommend asking for a specific sign in a specific time so you’ll know what you’re looking for, but I have to say, we get signs, too, even when we don’t ask for them.

I’m a firm believer in Angels helping us as well as our loved ones on the other side and they like to give us sings to let us know that they’re around and to help with concerns and questions in our daily lives. The answer is sometimes in front of our face…..words on a billboard, a license plate, a title of a book, in a magazine article…..perhaps overhearing someone in a store, seeing something on a commercial or a movie…..Keeping an open mind and trusting the signs when we receive them can bring such great comfort and even delight.

I choose to ask for specific signs and for me, they’re also ongoing signs…..meaning, I know when I get a dime, my father is around telling me everything is going to be fine for me. I keep several signs circulating out there and I must say, when I specifically ask to see it on a certain day, I get my signs. They’re on it!

I like to put a time limit on it when I ask for one as it may take a week or two or even a month to see it if you just ask for it without a time imit. If I’m stressed, I’ll usually ask to see it the same day or within a couple of days. If it’s what I call a challenging sign, something that’s not easily going to be recognized, I may ask to see it within a couple of weeks. And then I leave it to the universe. I’ve asked for signs from my father and from an ex-husband… feel free to ask for signs from a special loved one. I’ve also asked for signs from the archangels. Then just wait!

There are some very common signs that everyone gets and they have general meanings. You can, of course, create your own meaning to some of the common signs from the other side. A list of a few of the signs and their meanings are as follows:

Coins… of the most common. I get pennies, dimes…..and everyone has heard of them touted as pennies from heaven. They’re sometimes found in odd spots and you know you didn’t drop any change! If I have the chance to pick it up, I will and I save them in a special container. I’ve received a dollar bill, several quarters, lots of dimes, pennies and a few nickels since my father passed two years ago. He loves tossing the coins my way (and my mother gets dimes all the time and finds them in strange places…..had to explain it was from my father…..she was so confused finding them in the kitchen cabinets, in the cat litter as she scooped it, and other fun spots).

Butterflies are another common sign as well as birds. I love those cardinals. Birds of all kinds are spiritual. Even seeing a picture of a cardinal, not just a real one, is my sign. The butterflies are free, as they say, and I look at that as a message that they’re enjoying their beautiful loving freedom over there too. When they show up when you don’t as for it, it’s a clear message you have company with you!

I was driving to work and a butterfly appeared to flutter right in front of my windshield. I mean that butterfly was right neat the glass! Now if I saw them enjoying a dance around some flowers, I would think nothing of it more than nature at its best. But these strange viewings are screaming guess who????? .

Ladybugs…..I just recently asked to see a ladybug and actually walked into a store and ladybugs were all over a purse. I smiled to myself I didn’t want to buy a ladybug purse, but I took that sign as a major sign as it wasn’t just one ladybug but several dozen. I never expected to see a ladybug in a clothing store. I consider ladybugs a s assign that luck is coming our way. Real ones are good, but so are the ones on fabric, on a card…..they don’t have to be real…..

When we see something in writing like on a billboard or magazine, newspaper, something online, a license plate…..the loved one makes sure you’re at the right time at the right place to read your answer to your question or maybe just a message that would make sense to you about a loved one. This is so cool when you see these kinds of messages. Again, an open mind is needed.

Numbers may be shown to you that grab your attention. Not just the clock, but again, on a license plate or other material. The date may be your birthday, an anniversary, anything that might mean something to you from the other side or to the person who passed.

Choosing a sign is personal. My father was an avid golfer. I ask to see golf signs and when I see those, I know he’s enjoying his golf over there and letting me know, once again, he’s around. I once saw a golf ball bouncing across a 4 lane highway and watched it STUNNED. I instantly knew it was him. He loved the metaphysics and what I do for a living, so I know he’s getting a kick out of communicating with me in our special way with our signs.

Sometimes, a person may choose a special song as a sign. You may hear it in the store, in the car, see the title….again, here I am! Choose whatever you like. The possibilities are endless indeed.

I have my ongoing signs I’ve used for years and at times, I shake it up with a new one here and there so the list has grown a little.

Ask and you shall receive. Be sure to believe. Be open. Know it’s your sign and not just a coincidence. I LOVE it when I get my challenging signs…the ones that are not typical, the kind that you might not get just any day of the week. And I love my “normal” signs.

I could turn this into a novel, but this article is just to give you a general idea of how to communicate or get answers simply by asking for signs. It’s amazing how you can feel so down and depressed and suddenly a sign flows your way to perk you up! And remember, hobbies, habits or music that a loved one enjoyed that remind you of that person is, to me, an unsolicited sign they’re around, too! You see it on tv or see people enjoying what they loved to do or hear music they loved.

Don’t forget to ask for your sign now.