Articles - Karma and the consequences of our past actions

By Lee Ann Cornell

Pyramid of Enlightenment

We all accept responsibilities at the time of birth. God creates a blueprint of life, so to speak, for each of us when we are born. Certain things in each blueprint cannot be changed. This is what may be referred to as destiny. Other things in each blueprint are subject to revision in accordance to the way we live our lives.

Environment is a key factor too. Think about it. We all affect one another in subtle or dramatic ways. Remember the old saying, "When you marry someone you marry their family." Many times we unknowingly take on the Karma of loved ones, family, and friends. One soul can affect multitudes of lives. I am sure we are all thankful for Thomas Edison. Let there be light!

Every action and reaction is important. We can transform negative into positive. Concentrate on surrounding yourself with white light or the light of God. As you begin to sense or visualize this light you can surround others with the light too. This loving, healing, energizing light is there for all to use. Darkness cannot exist where there is light.

Many souls today are experiencing their last earthly incarnation. This is part of the reason for the tremendous spiritual awakening that is beginning to occur all around the world. Groups of souls are reincarnating to complete that which was unfinished. Many have returned to serve a cause. Knowing the ways and whys in many situations, may seem virtually impossible.

None the less, there is a rhyme or reason for everything in life. As the saying goes, "Everything is in Divine orders" and "What goes around, comes around". One good deed deserves another. "Instant Karma is gonna get ya". Remember there is such a thing as good karma. Understanding some of the universal laws may help ease one’s mind or make some situations a little more tolerable. Thought is reality, so focus on the light.