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The Pyramid of Enlightenment Offers Aura Photography

What is an Aura?

You can see your Aura in much the same way a clairvoyant would!

Every person’s Aura is their unique signature of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. The colors can change, but rarely change drastically in a short period of time. The colors of your Aura reflect how you, as a spiritual being, radiate your own life force energy. An Aura photograph enables you to see the colors of your Aura and is a fascinating and useful key to your personality – a remarkable tool for self-exploration and growth.

The Aura is an energy field that emanates from everyone at all times. The Aura is not only an outpouring of energy, but also a protective barrier to outside influences that may try to penetrate the spiritual and physical bodies. The aura is not only a transmitter of energy, but also a receiver.

The Aura Camera incorporates Kirlian Photography and computer technology to measure one’s electro-magnetic energy field or Aura. This revolutionary new technology takes a color Polaroid photograph of your Aura!!!

Interpreting Your Photograph

Using the guidelines below, together with the color explanations which follow, you will be able to interpret your photograph. Reminder: References left or right side, not those on the left or right side of the photo. To “left” or “right” refer to the colors of your Aura.

Left Side (Future)

The color on your left side indicates the vibration coming into your being. The closer it is to you the sooner it will be felt – in a few minutes, a few hours or as long as a few months.

Center (Experience)

The color seen over your head indicates your current experience. It’s the color that would best describe you and what is happening in your life at the present time. Changes in the colors over your head indicate changes that are occurring in your life at the present time.

Right Side (Expression)

The color of your right side is traditionally the energy being expressed, the vibrations most likely seen or felt by others around you. Many times your friends will think that this is the energy of which you are made; however, it is the energy you are putting out to the world.

The colors do, however, have different meanings and interpretations based on their location in the auric field. Also, bright colors are more positive, while the darker shades tend to have negative meanings.


Red is vitality, force of will and passion. You work hard at whatever you do. You put out the energy to attain the things you need to fulfill your dreams. Reds can be very demanding at times, but often have a very kind and loving heart. The world sees you as alive, outgoing, sexual and powerful. Dark streaks of red through your Aura may, however, indicate stress and anger.

Orange Creative, confident, and artistic would best describe you. Orange is a mixture of red (activity, passion and force of will) and yellow (cheerfulness and intelligence). Orange represents energy with mental direction and force. People see you as up, happy and willing to work. You like to get out and have fun. Orange around the heart is also a sign of a very emotional person, either at the present time or as a normal characteristic. Orange is the color of the athlete and warrior.

Yellow Spontaneous and optimistic are fitting descriptions for a person with yellow in their auric field. People see you as cheerful. You approach the future with a sense of adventure and excitement. You may find yourself the center of attention with others revolving around you. Your energy shines from you like the warmth of the sun; giving happiness and joy to all who stand in the radiance of your smile – and you do smile a lot! You make a great teacher.

Green brings to mind spring, a time of growth and new beginnings. Your future will be a time for new experiences, expansion and learning. The person putting out this vibration is willing to work hard in order to gain wealth in terms of education and cultural attainments. Possessions are important to you. Many health care professionals (doctors, nurses, massage therapists, etc.) have green in their energy fields. It is the healing color and may also indicate that there is healing taking place for you.

Pink Sensitive, emotional and compassionate are the wonderful qualities of a person with pink in their energy field. These people show a softness and a loving nature that affects everyone around them.

Blue Peace, loyalty, truth, trust, tranquility and contentment are some of the qualities which may be attributed to you. Blue is also the color of communication. You speak well and are also a good listener, able to heal through loving listening. Blues are usually very giving and loving people and are great salespeople.

Indigo Blue is the Crown Chakra; spiritual searching with a natural healing ability looking for and sharing Universal Truth.

Purple is a mix of blue (unlimited knowledge) and red (activity). Purple on the fringes of your Aura may indicate some form of grieving in your life. Purple at other places in your Aura may indicate that your intuitive ability is very strong, even to the point of being psychic. Persons with purple in their Aura are deeply spiritual beings and are often very trusting. A predominate amount of purple in your Aura may indicate that you are an old soul or advanced soul.

White has the quality of all the colors. Being surrounded in White Light is having the protection of the Universe around you and our connection to God. Spiritually guided, highly motivated, and intellectually developed best describes you. Persons with white in their Auras are very loving.

Magenta Bright, agile minds, strong willed and determined about things they regard as important. They are creative and innovative as they have a childlike connection and trust in God. You find your greatest satisfaction when manipulating, working with, changing or building something very real and specific. People with this color in their Aura visualize the world as a better place and tend to be dreamers. They are often playful and enjoy being child-like. Magentas are fun to be with. They do well in occupations that have a great deal of flexibility, creativity and potential for innovative ideas and inventions!

Turquoise Persons with this color in their Aura are very giving individuals; many times they are caregivers or caretakers. They are the Earth Keepers.

Black spots in your Aura are indicative of problems or blockages. These are usually seen around the throat and the solar plexus. They are highly protective of their self to a point of obsession.

Pyramid of Enlightenment
Pyramid of Enlightenment

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