K2 Crystal

Pyramid of Enlightenment

The second highest mountain in the world brings us a potent gemstone, K2.  It is the name of the mountain and the crystal stone. This gemstone is also known as K2 azurite, K2 granite and K2 feldspar. Mistakenly some call this K2 jasper, but there is no jasper in it. An Italian climber, Fosco Maraini, re-emphasized the surveyor’s mark of K2 as an appropriate name since its origin of chance, its clipped, impersonal nature for such a remote and challenging mountain. He stated, “The bare bones of a name, all rock and ice and storm and abyss. It makes no attempt to sound human. It is atoms and stars. It has the nakedness of the world before the first man - or the cindered planet after the last.”

This is a relatively new and unique gemstone with a high vibration found at the base of this mountain.  It is a powerful energy. If you seek universal knowledge, the granite in this stone helps you meditate deep within yourself while the celestial azurite blue inclusions connect far into the Divine for both peace of mind and spiritual enlightenment.  Properties of the azurite dots combined with the white granite, black flakes of biotite and feldspar make a powerful combo to stabilize you while you search information from your past lives, soul or Akashic Records. If you want groups of people to come together in harmony and balance, this gemstone will be a good choice. If you want more control over your own emotions and feel more emotionally balanced, this is a good choice. Communication among individuals will relate easier with the vibrational energy of the K2. Connections with Guides, Angels, Spirits of Loved Ones and you will be easier with the frequencies in this stone. Communication from your higher self with you is stronger too.  Explore the power of the highest "peaks" of consciousness and grounding balance simultaneously from this rare, combined force of nature.