Articles - The True Spirit of Halloween

The True Spirit of Halloween
By Lee Ann Cornell

Pyramid of Enlightenment

Over 2000 years ago the Celtics traditionally celebrated their new year on November first. The art of divination was used to gain insight into the events of the upcoming year and respect was given to the approaching winter months. On the eve of this celebration homage was paid to Samhain, the Lord of Death. It was believed that throughout this evening Samhain allowed the Dead to roam the earth and visit their previous dwellings.

Halloween is reputedly a time when the veil of the astral lifts and we can invoke the assistance of our ancestral elders to help us overcome the “ghosts” from our past. The ghosts are in actuality the things that we hide or repress within ourselves. From childhood throughout adulthood we learn to develop socially acceptable facades. We conform to the wants, needs, desires and standards of others around us to gain love and acceptance.

In doing so, our own true values and attitudes towards life are masked and we put on a front or costume to impress the outside world. Halloween is a time of inner reflection. We must search for our true spirit that lies within. True spiritual growth starts with love and acceptance of one’s own self. Halloween is a time to free ourselves from the bonds of social conditioning. We remove our masks and give full expression to the essence of our true being.

Spirits, guides, helpers, teachers and angels can be contacted through an inner awareness. Learn to know yourself better this Halloween!