Article - Repeated Lessons

Repeated Lessons
By Joshua Ramage

"Merry-go-round Dilemma"

Take a minute, somewhere quiet, and ask yourself, “Are you going through a repeated lesson?” What does that mean? A repeated lesson, in layman terms, means that a series of events have occurred in your lessons; underneath the fabric of these events is a silver lining. Throughout life, many people experience the same lesson over and over. The difference between this time, and the next… the lesson has taken on a different form, a different mask. I am assuming most people are familiar with a merry-go-round; you hold onto the bars and go around and around. Each time you attempt to spin it faster and faster. Now, when things are spinning, gravity is strongest in the center. If you are too close to the edge, it is harder to hang on. If you sit in the middle, enjoy the ride. As something moves and spins, it creates its own gravity and centripetal force. When the student is ready, the teacher appears. When you get to a certain vibrational level, you’re ready for your next lesson. This lesson brings in certain karmatic events. There is a metaphysical theory that you have to experience a lesson 7 different times to move on. That may sound discouraging at first, but even between those 7 different times, you are elevating spiritually each time. To pass this crash course, you have to stick to the middle. So if you are going through something over and over again, ask yourself what lesson am I supposed to learn? Sometimes lessons could be stretched over lifetimes. If you stay certain in right faith, you will discover that silver lining and elevate your consciousness above false apparitions.