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Be a Fool for LIFE
By Lee Ann Cornell

The origin of April Fool’s Day is an enigma. Long ago, in ancient China, people celebrated this day as Tan Chinwa, or “Happy Skin Day.” It was the custom on this day, for Emperor and peasants alike, to walk around with no clothes on. To drop one’s garments symbolizes dropping the psyche, to put aside one’s shield or defensive nature and let the true self be known. The naked truth comes out, so to speak!

Life is a progression of changes, in which one is alternately protected or exposed. Each and every one of us experiences changes within ourselves, in our surrounding environment and the directions in which we choose to live our lives. As we progress through these changes it is impossible to know all the factors we will be dealing with. The Fool card in the Tarot deck symbolizes an irrational impulse towards change, or doing things based on a gut feeling as opposed to logic and reason. We must dare to take chances in life, despite the fact that some choices will be foolish and other choices will bring an abundance of happiness and success.

All of us do things that are foolish. It is part of our growing and earning in life. Some people deny their foolish mistakes and continue to make them over and over again as a way to save face. Foolish are those that won’t recognize their foolish ways!

In many Tarot decks the Fool takes on the appearance of the court jester. Nowadays, instead of jesters, we have comedians to make us laugh. By laughing at others we can learn to laugh at ourselves. Laughter is good for the soul. It helps break up the blocks and inhibitions we build up within ourselves.

Happy April Fool’s Day!