Article - The First Chakra

The First Chakra
By Robin

Pyramid of Enlightenment

Chakras are energy centers in our energy bodies. The first chakra is the root chakra and is located at the base or tailbone area. It is our foundation. This is a place of being grounded, balanced, and standing tall. Restless motion and sleeplessness are signs that the root chakra may need attention also. The energy is Earth. The colors associated with this Chakra are black and red. There are gemstones that help clean, clear, polish and purify the chakras. By picking a gemstone related to its chakra, aid and healing can occur.

Black Tourmaline is a natural choice to assist physically, mentally and spiritually. Physically when pains and aches of the feet, legs, hips and spine are felt, this helps.

There is a small electric charge in this stone, so rubbing it gently on the area or between your finger and thumb absorb the ache, and then dissipate it back into the earth. This stone helps gain stability, sure-footed balance and stronger center of gravity. Mentally (emotionally too), the energy of this gemstone offers a sense of security and soundness. Use or carry Black Tourmaline when feeling flighty, fearful, angry, negative or unworthy. Spiritually as in a sense of disconnect, lethargy, not caring and despondency can be addressed with the energy of this stone. Protection from psychic attacks as well as being at the wrong place, wrong time in the wrong situation is dispersed easier. This gemstone can promote luck with legal issues. To bring some peace of mind, well-being and security Black Tourmaline is a good choice.

In next month’s article the second chakra with a matching energy gemstone will be highlighted. There are seven main chakras in our energy centers. Color, energy, and purpose set with intention are components for growth, health and wealth.