Joy to the World

By Joshua Ramage

The month of December brings many gifts including a feeling of love and joy. It is a special time for people to gather, give, and receive. It is a month of communion. Unfortunately, this is possibly the hardest time of the year. Sometimes this is the only time one has the privilege of seeing relatives and friends for celebration. Parents have worked hard to gather gifts for the kids, and get done any last minute shopping. Christmas is an important and favorite holiday for many. However, there are many people that are depressed during this time of the year. They are reminded, as they take a look at others, of what they do not have: family, money, gifts for themselves and others. Many people spend the holidays alone, and/or without a home.

Love is who we are. To feel loved is to give love as well. This is a good time for rejoicing, celebrating, and healing. Grace is given to us freely, and we are reminded that the world is ours in cooperation with the divine. We are co-creators! It just takes a shift of perspective and a little bit of faith to see it. Through life’s challenges and upsets this concept becomes hidden in the fog of deprivation, lack of forgiveness, and worrying. Shed light on this dark cloud by giving to others. Unconditional Love does not have a price.

12 is the numerical value of December. We experience direct harmony with the divine by going within ourselves, and begin to see new beginnings and prosperity developing in our futures as we co-create with the universe. 1 and 2 together make 3, which is the numerical value of communication and optimism. People with this numerical value are very optimistic, have good communication skills, and are creative. This vibration spreads joy with the gift of words and wit.


Astrological Sign: Taurus

Chakras: Heart, (4th)

Cleansing: All

Element: Water

Hardness: 7.5 - 8

Vibration: 4

Pyramid of Enlightenment

Emerald is a beautiful stone. It is by far one of the best stones to enhance the heart chakra, and allow us to connect with our higher heart. It is a great channel for the green ray. It enhances one’s healing abilities and seeing circumstances through the eyes of love. It not only helps one with healing abilities, but also understanding. It improves the understanding of others, as well as themselves. It helps one to understand the silver linings in past relationships that have ended in heartbreak. Emerald enhances our intuitive abilities to understand others perspective from our higher consciousness. It fills the heart with joy and abundance of hope. Furthermore, it also helps with prosperity. If we are aligned with the universe, we are able to create more abundance in our lives. That gives us an opportunity to share with others. Emerald is a stone of wisdom, love, and prosperity.