Articles - That Crazy Moon

The moon represents the emotional make-up of our personalities and rules the subconscious mind and that which is instinctual. It orbits the earth and changes signs approximately every 2 1/2 days. When there is a full moon, an eclipse or a super moon alignment, the effects of the moon seem to intensify.

The effects are strong three days prior to and up to three days after the cycle or alignment occurs. Many people report a sense of restlessness and vivid dreaming as the full moon approaches. The mood an individual is in during this time period is intensified and extremes in behavior can be observed. Earth changes and erratic personality behavior patterns are more apparent during these alignments.

The moon does not control one's behavior; it creates the atmosphere and helps to set the stage for life's daily drama. Control comes from within. An awareness of moon cycles can help one gain greater self control and a deeper understanding of the mood swings and daily emotional responses of others.


Moon Cycles


    • Aries: When the moon passes through Aries there is a desire for sudden changes and individuals may become self-centered, temperamental, headstrong, impulsive, aggressive and adventuresome.
    • Taurus: This is not the best time to take out a loan or persuade someone to make an investment. Individuals are inclined to be obstinate, cautious and frugal.
    • Gemini: This can be an excellent time for intellectual pursuits, gathering information, writing and catching up on correspondence. People are a lot more talkative and have a tendency to blurt out things before they think them through or say things they don't mean. Not the best time to make firm decisions.
    • Cancer: Emotions overcome logic and people can become oversensitive, withdrawn, sentimental and a lot more passive. There is also a tendency towards self indulgence and a desire for approval and nurturing. This is not the best time to start a diet or criticize someone.
    • Leo: During this moon cycle individuals strive to be more organized, optimistic, hardworking, persistent, affectionate and generous. There may be competition for center stage as some people will want to be noticed and appreciated more than usual.
    • Virgo: You may find yourself in a cleaning mode during this moon cycle. This is an excellent time to work out details and edit or refine one's work. This is a period of time when individuals are a lot more critical and analytical. People are more apt to spend money if they can find a good bargain in this cycle. Excellent time to start a new health regimen.
    • Libra: When the moon is in this cycle there is a sense of teamwork, camaraderie and fair play. Individuals seem to be more compliant, cooperative and willing to negotiate or compromise. This is an excellent time for artistic pursuits, social gatherings and forming partnerships.
    • Scorpio: Individuals do not take lightly to discourtesy or insults during this cycle and they may become acutely critical, temperamental and vengeful. You cannot rely on all that meets the eye. There is a tendency during this time period for people to be secretive, distrustful and suspicious. They are less apt to divulge information. Passion runs high and so does jealousy. Certainly not the time to cross someone!
    • Sagittarius: During this cycle there is a sense of optimism, adventure, spontaneity and an urge for travel. Individuals will have a tendency to be more philosophical. If you want the answer to something, this may be the best time to ask. People will tend to be friendly, honest, sincere, direct and straight to the point.
    • Capricorn: People tend to be more ambitious during this cycle and they focus their energies on work, financial security and material pursuits. People are more likely to be selfish, pessimistic and less sensitive during this period. Offer someone an opportunity to make some money and you just might catch their attention.
    • Aquarius: People seem to be looking for a unique way to express themselves during this cycle. They will tend to be impersonal, unconventional and a bit "off the wall." Working in a group and brainstorming may help to give you an unusual insight into things that turn out to be very valuable.
    • Pisces: There is a sense of confusion during this cycle and things will probably not be as they appear on the surface. Imagination can get the best of people and issues will become clouded. There is a tendency for individuals to be emotional, oversensitive, withdrawn and easily discouraged. Misunderstandings are more apt to occur. It is also a time of psychic revelation as intuitions become enhanced. Flashes of past lives as well as spiritual insight into current situations may be received.