By Joshua Ramage

"Unlock the secret, numerical meaning behind your name and birth date!"


There is no definite point in history that points to the birth of numerology. It has been used in ancient texts to put in order various stages of manifestations. It has been found in Chinese, Hebrew and Greek history. They explain how the world was created in a sequential order using numbers.

It is believed in ancient texts that secrets are hidden behind alphabetical and numerical references. Numerology has been learned, taught, and integrated in adepts’ studying metaphysics, and underlying principles of the universe.

Pythagoras is referred to as the Father of Numerology. He is not known for giving birth to the idea, but emphasizing the importance of numerology in relation to the principles and concepts of reality, universe, and God. He is most known for the Pythagorean Theorem: A2 + B2 = C2. Even this theory explains how one side of an object links to another to get a third relationship.

Everything in the universe has a hidden vibration that can be exposed numerically. For example, the number of sides or facets of a crystal explains how the energy is expressed. Pythagoras believed the celestial bodies moved and hummed at a certain vibration, and each vibration was contained in a number.


In life, we go through many stages, challenges and events. We may feel like we are going through the same cycle, challenge, or event over and over throughout life. We repeat the same numerical cycle over and over during our life. Ideally, we are supposed to go to a higher vibration.

If you know the numerical sequence ahead of time, it will shine some light on possibilities and pitfalls in your life. It can explain the past, the present and future.

Numerology, like astrology, explains why you are drawn to certain people and are adverse to others. It explains general and detailed characteristics of yourself and others. Most importantly, we go through this sequential, numerical cycle so that we can ascend while incarnated on earth. Numerology can help you ascend spiritually, materially, mentally and intellectually.

'Numerology will illuminate your life'


Pitfalls on your spiritual path, weaknesses meant to overcome.


Reveals what you are meant to accomplish. Overall life goal

Inner Self

I Am. Your inner secrets, desires, and fears.

Life Lesson

It sheds light on the experiences you will have to confront in this lifetime, points to career choice.

Outer Self

How others see us. Our Mask.


Life experiences meant to make you stronger, emphasizes strength in character

Soul Urge

Describes your heart’s desire, what you really want out of this life.