Article - Tuning Forks

Tuning Forks
Lee Ann Cornell, Energy Vibrational Sound Specialist

Tune ups and balancing are a must for the optimal performance of a car. The same thing applies for people. We need tuned up and / or balanced to help maintain quality in our lives. We store up life experiences as energy patterns in our auras. Negative energy patterns can create blockages that interrupt the flow of energy, making us feel drained. Tuning Forks calibrated to the sacred solfeggio frequencies, can help release the stagnation and help to boost the energy flow to optimize vitality and health.

Tuning Forks can be used to bypass defense mechanisms. This allows individuals to turn inward and reach core issues of feelings and emotions.

The sacred solfeggio frequencies can “serve as a vibrational bridge to holistic reintegration of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of the individual” ( David Hulse, C.M.S.T.T.).

Sound affects every aspect of our life. Through-out our lives, we are continually bombarded with all types of sound. According to Webster’s Dictionary if someone is sound in health they are not diseased or injured. A healthy mind is considered sound. Good, wise or reliable advice is considered sound. If something is referred to as sound it’s good or dependable. Sound in character, sound sleep, sound investments, and sound arguments are all considered good. Harmonious music or sounds can be conducive to making people feel wonderful.

If an individual is not sound in body, mind or spirit then they not harmonious within themselves and the world around them. Feelings, thoughts, words and sensations are all vibration and energy. Everyone and everything is a receiver or disseminator of sound, vibration and energy. If we are discordant within ourselves or our environment it is very difficult to live a healthy and harmonious lifestyle. A discordant tone of someone’s voice, annoying sounds or music in the background can be enough to make us not feel so sound. Music can be soothing or it can sometimes get on one’s last nerve.

The energy fields of our bodies are constantly vibrating at different frequencies as they merge with harmonious and discordant energies with which we create or surround ourselves.

Tuning forks are used as a tool to help reestablish and maintain harmony energetically within the energy fields of the body. As an individual becomes in tune with the harmonies of the tuning forks, discordant energy or blocks are transformed into harmonious energy.

A Vibrational Sound Session with a combination of Tuning Forks can be exhilarating and very calming at the same time. The sacred frequencies of the Tuning Forks can help facilitate a shift in consciousness, allowing individuals to move within themselves beyond third dimensional energy. Transcending time and space to access an energetically sacred place within and where a feeling of tranquility can emerge may be obtained with the use of Turning Forks.

It is not unusual for individuals to become more in tune with their guides, angels and loved ones in spirit during a tuning fork session.

Every session is unique for each individual. Moment by moment mankind continues to evolve physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Our energies are constantly shifting and the results of each tuning fork session will vary. Individuals express new types of experiences as they return for ongoing sessions.

A tuning fork session may be just what you are looking for to help reestablish a sense of peace and well- being within. The only way to truly comprehend the uniqueness of a sound vibrational session with tuning forks is to experience it yourself.

Tuning Fork Sessions are available at The Pyramid of Enlightenment. Call our office at (317) 899-7590 if you are interested in booking an appointment.