Falling In Love

Falling In Love
By Lee Ann Cornell

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Torrid fires burn out fast.

Slow burning embers linger on.

Is it love or infatuation? That is the question. Many times people find themselves involved in relationships because they are drawn to individuals physically. The root Chakra kicks on and the rest is history. Money is a turn on for some people. Easy come, easy go. That describes money and these kinds of relationships. Then you find the kind of individuals who seek emotional fulfillment in everyone else. Instead they need to look within.

Happiness starts with one’s self. If you do not love yourself how can you love others? Many times in life emotions override logic and emotional attachments are formed when people have nothing else in common. Theses attachments can be the hardest to break. Of course we all know the types who like to hang around for a good analytical debate or argument. Talk turns these people on. They love a good intellectual challenge. To fall means to lose balance or drop. One does not fall up they fall down. True love does not start with the root Chakra, although that initial attraction might be there. Long lasting relationship comes together on all levels, spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. It is best to seek out individuals that share our similar or complementary interests, morals, values, ethics, spiritual concepts or belief systems. Love is at its best when all the Chakras flow together in harmony starting at the crown down to the root. To quote Shirley MacLaine in the book “Going Within.” The Eastern mystics say we define our personalities through the heart of Chakra, which they believe is the core of the soul. The soul manufactures the “forever hormone”, which when experienced, keeps us feeling forever young through love.