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Holiday Thoughts
By Lee Ann Cornell

There is truth to be found in all religions. Religion helps to raise one's level of understanding about God. Religion helps to install in our lives structure, values, morals and a faith in something much greater than ourselves. Each individual is at a different level of spiritual awareness and must develop accordingly. No one doctrine, creed or religion can fulfill the spiritual needs of all mankind. As an individual develops through different levels of understanding or awareness, they may be drawn to study a variety of philosophies or religions. Ultimately all paths lead to the same place. Some paths are more difficult than others but this is how we learn. Throughout many lifetimes one must experience all things, in order to understand all things.

Love knows no boundaries such as race, creed, color, religion, sex, appearance, intelligence, or form. We are not here to judge. Each one of us is held accountable for our thoughts, actions. reactions and the words we speak. All of these factors can enhance the course of our lives, or make life more difficult.

Love starts within one's self and reflects out word. Love, Light, Kindness, Understanding, Faith, Hope, Charity and Forgiveness brings forth great joy, happiness, tranquility, prosperity, wisdom and insight.

Our actions determine the course of our lives and we can alter or redirect our lives and we can alter or redirect the lives of others at any time. Divine intervention comes through faith and our prayers to God. Our gifts and talents are given to us to help us serve. In serving others we grow spiritually. We are here to help each other, care for each other, understand, forgive, love and server one another.