Article - Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz By Joshua Ramage

“A Handyman’s greatest tool”

What is a handyman? A handyman can do many things, talented folk. They detain an assortment of skills in their thinker box. A handyman could repair a hole in your roof one moment, and then instantaneously work on a battleship for the U.S. the next.

I presume you are making your own speculations right now, as to why I am rambling on about what a handyman is…in an article pertaining to the clear quartz. Although, a handyman is one who possesses a variety of skills and crafts, if he/she only possesses the knowledge to do so but not the tool to complement his/her intelligence he/she can’t get very far! Have you have ever seen one of those interchangeable tools that you can just switch out the head like a Phillips to a screwdriver or change bits on a hammer drill. Clear quartz is designed to fit into any scheme you desire. Although, you cannot change the shape of your stone (unless you throw it down or crush it intentionally, which I highly recommend to think otherwise), the essence is interchangeable.

Clear quartz is the perfect handyman’s tool, a light-worker’s best friend. Clear Quartz complements any stone and/or task. Considering clear quartz is one of the most common stones, it is a very good bargain. Clear quartz is one of a few that can work with all 7 chakras. Pyramid of Enlightenment keeps a good continuance of clear quartz coming into and being bought from customers.

A Handyman can fix any roof!

Although the clear quartz interacts with all chakra centers, that is only a minuscule portion of its power. Clear quartz has the ability to heal the body, mind, and soul. For small clear quartz, it can affect the space that is within two or three feet of it. The bigger the stone is, the more effect it will have. The stones exponential growth in vibration corresponds to growth in size and density. Many people will use clear quartz in geometric patterns (energy grids) during meditation to rejuvenate their energy or to pull out stresses and imbalances. If you want to rejuvenate something/someone’s energy, the point has to be facing the center. If you want to pull out stresses or imbalances, the points need to be pointing away from the center.

Just change the bit, and you got a new tool!

Clear quartz is an excellent stone to program. Clear quartz is very receptive to our intentions. If you are going to program a stone, you need an intention. Clear quartz amplifies any stone it interacts with in the confines of an established space, as well as amplifies our thoughts. As a result of programming, we can change the purpose of the stone. We can either program the stone to accommodate other stones, or program it to reconcile our own desires! I would recommend this as a necessity, if your are going to program your stones…use a prayer so that it will channel your intent efficiently.

Don’t forget to charge your batteries!

A handyman always keeps a battery on the charger for his tools. As described above, clear quartz is good at enhancing our thoughts, as well as our memory. Clear quartz is a good record keeper. Imagine this scenario for a second; you’re sitting in a class. A class you have been in for a while. However, you have been dealing with a lot of hassles throughout the day. Your mind is scattered, and you become complacent. We have all had to endure this kind of day. We soon become spacey. The gears in our mind become lethargic. We try to conjure up memories from a previous class, but they are a hair out of our reach. This would be a perfect time to pull out clear quartz, just put it against your forehead. Focus on it with intent to push forward memories into your awareness (remember it can be use to release stresses, so you can use it to calm down a headache, enhancing clarity). I would suggest using a prayer to facilitate your intent as well; working with a higher power will ensure the right memories to be facilitated. You can use this method to enhance psychic abilities, or clear blockages on chakra points.

Furthermore, you can use the clear quartz to cleanse and charge other stones. Note: make sure clear quartz stone is cleansed thoroughly and its energy is at its optimum. Otherwise, it’s useless to charge a battery with a dead battery charger. Take a cluster of clear quartz and put another stone in the center. Then pray for healing or enhancing the stone, corresponding to your intention. It might take a couple times to see change in the stone. Leave the stone in the cluster of clear quartz for at least a day if the intent were cleansing. Keep the desire stone in the cluster of quartz, while using the stone for whatever it is required for. This would be an excellent method to enhance protection stones like amethyst or black tourmaline.

Make sure anything you wear is waterproof!

Following the previous section. Clear quartz is good for cleansing and clearing. They not only cleanse a stone or your body but anything attached to your etheric body…for example negative entities. Wand shaped clear quartz or clear quartz that has one fine point would be recommended. You can channel the energy more directly towards an entity or anything else that could be attached to you. Again, use prayer. Attempt to visualize a beam of white light shooting out from the point on the clear quartz towards the designated area of intent. It would cleanse the area, and cut any unwanted etheric cords attached to you.