By Joshua Ramage


You always want to cleanse a stone, no matter whom you got it from (friend or stranger) or where you got it. When people pick up a stone, it is possible they leave a part of their energy on the stone. This could happen consciously and unconsciously. Cleansing is not only good for protection and prevents harm, but it rejuvenates the stones. If you use a stone over and over consistently, you drain its energy and weaken the electromagnetic field.


You can cleanse stones with sunlight, but not for an extensive amount of time. It is advised to place it somewhere that it will not receive direct sunlight; however, it does attain sufficient heat from the sun.

This method is designed to improve health, willpower, physicality, and stones associated with the solar plexus.


You can place stones in the moonlight and it will purify them. For best results, it is advised to place them under a full moonlight.

Stones designed for subconscious, creativity,and emotional, psychic properties.

Salt and Water

You can cleanse the stones in a bowl of salt (sea salt). You can get a clear bowl or white glass bowl, fill it up with water plus a teaspooon of salt (no more), and let the stones soak in it.


You can bury stones in the earth. The earth will soak the negative energy up, and then replenish the stones with positive energy.
If you do not want to use this method, you can get a pot and fill it up with ground soil (not fertilized!) and leave it in there.
Stones that deal with the root chakra, physicality, health, gardening, protection, and grounding stones.

Other Crystals

You can use clusters of crystals like quartz or amethysts to cleanse stones. Similar to the salt and water bowl method.

Visualization and Prayer

You can use visualization to cleanse stones as well. I would suggest using prayer with it to channel the energy better and connect to guides and anges for assistance. Example, you can visualize white light within and around the crystal for purification. I have done research, and gold light works just as well.

Holy Water and White Cloth

I saved this one for last because you can use it for any stone, even though it involves water. Unlike the previous cleansing methods by water, this does not entail soaking the stone in water. You put a white cloth over the stone, bless it with a prayer, and then spray it with Holy Water. This is quick and fast; however, if it is a stone that you use frequently, you might want to consider one of the above methods.

The above methods are designed to clear a stone for only an hour or more depending on use. The bigger the stones are, the more time they require cleansing as well.



If you know the meaning of colors, it will be easier to associate a stone with certain properties by its color. Stones to enhance physicality and willpower are usually red, carnelian and brecciated jasper.


Be careful about excessive heat! Excessive heat will crack the stone or it will wear the colors of the stone down; this will damage the electromagnetic field resulting in a weaker stone.


Ideally these stones should match your vibration, if you cleanse them in a full moon that is the same as your astrological moon; it should program them ideally to a vibration compatible with your astrological moon. Stay away from moon in opposition to yours.

Salt and Water

Do not use soft stones like angelite, or stones that can dissolve in water. Stones that are soft are more vulnerable to salt getting in between cracks and splitting stones.

Hardness is measured on a scale of 1 - 10. Generally, 3 or below is considered soft. I would be careful about stones that are 4 or 5, for instance Lapis Lazuli.

Points of Energy

Energy goes out of the stones through the points. When you are cleansing stones, example earth, make sure the points are facing down so the energy is going back down into the earth.


Crystals have existed since the beginning of time, and continue to coexist with humanity. They are formed and shaped by a combination of Earth's minerals. It is thought that a variety of crystals have arrived on earth by spiritual beings from other planets. Of course natural phenomenon can carry stones to earth as well, for example the rare Moldavite!

Crystals have been documented in religious and spiritual texts. King "tut" Tutankhamen wore a golden mask engraved with Lapis Lazuli and Amazonite. King Tut and the Egyptians belieed Lapis Lazuli acted like a channel to the divine, allowing King Tut to be a powerful and wise ruler in the 18th century Egypt.

New stones appear every day, all around the world!

Stones communicate by vibration!

Stones are vibration and energy just like our body, our thoughts, and the universe(s). Some have a very high vibration, while others have a very low vibration. What matters though, is which stone contains the vibration that he/she needs at that given time.

Finding the right stone is like finding the right partner in life. We are attracted to the people that are like-minded, so we are attracted to stones that we are like-minded with. Some stones will be with you foreer, others for a short period of time. Every onece in a while, you will find a stone you like, but for some reason choose to not buy. However, you come across that stone later on and feel a strong urge to buy it. Stones seem to be alive, and can be fickly as well. Stones have been known to just vanish when they are done with you. Sounds like a bad date.

Picking a Stone!

What is your intent?

The first heuristic, it is best to know why you do need a stone. What is your intention? Some people purchase stones for healing, protection, meditation, mental, emotional, spiritual, physical, etc.
How many stones does your intention require..?

There are a varity of ways to use a stone, and they come in an assortment of shapes and magnitudes. For example, people gather stones for many purposes; to carry around, for pendulums, stones for decoration or to be put up around the house, create energy grids, necklaces, rings, you name it. Energy girds require multiple stones.

Which stone does your gut instict tell you to choose?

Each stone has a unique vibration; however, each person has his or her own unique vibration. when you are searching the stones in the store, and you come across a stone that peaks our interest, pick it up.

The best way to figure out if the stone if for you is to hold it in your left hand You receive energy through your left side. You want to hold the rock for a given 5 - 10 seconds.

If the rock stays cold it's rejecting you, if it warms up in your hand then it is the right stone for you! The warm energy indicates the stone is at the right level of vibration for you. If you pick up the stone and it is cold, try about two more stones that are the same kind of stone and repeat the exercise for confirmation.

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