Article - I Love You

I Love You

When you say “I love you,” you mean something specific, although you may not realize what, exactly, until it’s time to show it. And your loved one may not only be oblivious to what you MEAN, he or she may mean something completely different when they say it. “I love you” is a code.

When a person says “I love you,” and means one thing, and their partner says it and means a different thing, they may as well be speaking Swahili. They both think they understand the other, when in fact, neither one REALLY GOT THE MESSAGE. They both think they were understood, because each one knew what THEY meant when they said it. The tragedy is that the “I love you” code covers up true communication, because everyone assumes it means the same thing every time it’s spoken.

Since there are as many refinements to this code as there are people on earth, it is difficult to provide a general “key” to the language. However, a psychic astrologer can interpret the planetary influences from your birthdate to give a pretty good idea of your “love alphabet.” Your psychic friend can tell you what turns your mate on, and how they like to be appreciated. They can also tell you why, perhaps, your own efforts to show your affection keep getting turned away and what you can do about it. In the meantime, here is a quick guide to the way each of the Sun Signs shows (and hopes to be shown) loving affection.

Aries – The Knight in Shining Armor (man or woman). Let them protect you from something, or keep you from getting hurt somehow. Show then you depend on them for this protection, and stay in touch! They need to know their “reinforcements" are close behind them.

Taurus – Make them comfortable, and give them their "territory," whether its’ a chair or a room or a house all their own. Leave them in peace. Once they’re settled, DO NOT DISTURB. These people can bring an incredible peace to nearly any situation, so when you need a haven or retreat, they will provide it.

Gemini – Talk with them, especially let them talk to you. They’ll have lots to say, though much of it may be trivial. Their chatter makes their world go around, and if you turn a deaf ear, they’ll be hurt – but they won’t be quiet.

Cancer – Let them feed you. Then you feed them. Baby them, a lot. Really, treat them like a baby, asking if they’re warm enough, if they feel OK, have they had enough sleep, can you get them anything. They’ll take their turn doing this for you, believe me.

Leo – Boost their ego. Pay attention to them. LISTEN to them, but remember, it’s basically a performance they’re giving for themselves. You’re the audience, and you HAVE to clap, see, and they are the star. In turn, they will notice every detail of a change you’ve made in your hair, will compliment you on the way you handled yourself in a difficult situation and will make you the ‘star’ of their love story.

Virgo – Let them help you clean up a mess. Then appreciate it, over and over again. Do little errands for them, showing you are thoughtful and you know it makes a difference when you don’t swipe their pen or let them know when you’re out of salt and please turn your socks inside out before they do the laundry. These people make a big deal out of little things, but they always have loose change when you need it and are well-supplied in an emergency.

Libra – They need to know you’re happy. They need to know that you WANT them in your life. And they will tell you how much they depend on you by asking your opinion on everything and making sure that you HONESTLY want to go to the mall on the way to the beach. Do not leave them out of any decisions in your own life, either, because they need to feel you need their advice too.

Scorpio – Trust them with your innermost secrets. Give them a key to your car, your house, your heart. When they see you have laid yourself open to them, in all sincerity and honesty, they will do the same for you – and don’t ask for it unless you want it ALL!

Sagittarius – These people need intellectual stimulation all the time. They need a low-level, ongoing disagreement as gas for their mental mill. They need to see for themselves whether the grass is really greener on the other side of the fence, but remember this – when you’re on the other side of the fence, they’ll appreciate you more, so let them explore!

Capricorn – They need to be responsible, and be recognized for the things they do to maintain control and provide security. In a mate, they will not appreciate a foolish spender or a law-breaker. Commend them for their conservative nature, and handle their “stuff” with care – if they let you near it in the first place.

Aquarius – These people show their love by not judging you, by giving you your freedom, and by telling you how you could express your unique individuality more completely. From you they expect the same – don’t box them in, don’t attempt to define them, give them plenty of room to breath. Appreciate them for what they are – whatever that happens to be at the moment.

Pisces – Conjure up a romantic fantasy for these people. Say sweet things to them, surround them with “soft fuzzies” and sentimental knick-knacks. Let them cling to you and look adoringly into your eyes. They know how to escape from the harsh realities of everyday business, and create an atmosphere right out of a romance novel. If you need a place to forget your troubles, the arms of a Pisces will easily beguile you.