Arithmetic Excellence

Arithmetic Excellence
By Joshua Ramage

As summer’s merry smile feeds the youth and dilutes the melancholy, the glamorous rays stir the soul; new and old are bonded by the eternal. As always, those who prefer to sit farther back in their seats, instead of their counterparts hinging at the edge, meeting new people and daring new adventures is a cumbersome desire. They say first impressions are a window to one’s psyche. Although, some are foolish enough to believe they can deny it and others do not know how to be modest. Ahh…but to the intrigued and mysterious, some find a way to fog their window. What if I told you that there was a way to illuminate one’s personality (to create positive relationships) like Windex shines your windows on a humid day. Numerology is not only a science, but a key. Based on a first name, you can figure out someone’s personality or how they feel that day opposed to another day if they use a nickname or a shorter name. Numerology cuts the edge off blind dates!

What do corporations do before they put a product in a store? They analyze their consumers, markets, the economy…and anything else an analyst’s eye can catch. They would not be able to sell a rubber ducky to a teenager. They would be looking at bankruptcy the following day. You find stores that match the need of the product. You’re not trying to sell products to people; you’re trying to fill wants and needs like water to a fish. It does not have to be a secret anymore for the ambitious white collar man; numerology illuminates the iron-clad road. Then and only then, can you sell water to a fish.

Numerology is able to assist you with many of life’s challenges, and illuminate big answers. Numerology is able to give intuitive insights and provide harmony to all parts of one’s existence. If you want to learn more, as first impressions last for a while but nevertheless lose to time and curiosity, numerology is able to scaffold you to your true self and potential and bridge different levels of consciousness.

For example, in my numerology class, I teach students how to bridge the hidden vibrations contained in their birth date with the numerical vibrations in their name to obtain the Destiny. The Destiny number provides intuitive insights into career fields in which one can be successful and find fulfillment.

You could go into deeper aspects of a numerical chart, and learn how to bridge the day, month, and year in one’s birth date and how this relationship is developed throughout life. You could also do that by gaining intuitive insight into the relationship between the first, middle, and last name. Learning this knowledge and practicing it creates synchrony with the divine and helps one to live blissfully.

If you take my numerology class, 7-weeks, beginning on August 30th, 2016, you will learn:

Basic interpretation of the numbers 0-9, and master numbers

Relationship between personality and numerology

Set up and Interpret a Numerical Birth Chart