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Body Tuning
By Linda Markham

Pyramid of Enlightenment

I can't sing the praises enough for a body tuning with tuning forks. I had another session with Lee Ann in our office and when you allow yourself to relax and let the beauty of the tones, the vibration of the forks do their work on your body and soul, it is truly an enlightening experience.

Many people do not understand how the tuning forks work their magic................neither did I until I was receptive to the session and of course, learned of how the forks work and how long this type of "healing" has been used on people. This wasn't something that somebody just came up with last year! It's been used for centuries.

I know each person is different in how they would interpret and/or receive the tuning sessions. For me, I could do it everyday. I feel incredibly relaxed yet energized at the same time. The soothing music in the background, Lee Ann's skill, the lovely tones make for a wonderful hour of refreshing and balancing the body. As you allow yourself to simply relax and enjoy the session, you would be surprised what you may encounter in your mind................psychically and soulfully. Both Lee Ann and myself felt the room fill with Angels...............I saw wonderful visions, as did she. I literally felt like I might float off the table! And no we weren't on acid or some weird drug. This did happen to both of us. We were both impacted (even Lee Ann as the healer) physically, very much emotionally and on a high psychic level. Yes, we're both professional psychics, so it may be that we might get a bit more information as we encounter such a session, but it may bring out the visions for those wanting to try. Again, each person is different.

I felt at peace with myself during the session. I was immersed in the light and surrounded by Angels in the room. I was seeing a number of visions and wanted more. For me, the serenity of the tones was enough to relax me but to know that their vibration is doing something to your body and soul is just incredible.

For more information on how a body tuning works, simply contact Lee Ann in our office. Personally, I loved it, and can't wait for my next body tuning!