Article - Angels and Numbers

Angels and Numbers
By Josh Ramage

“A Divine relationship between the seen and the unseen”

Growing up, I was always interested in numbers in a mathematical sense. I would continually practice my math skills by competing with the person working the cash register or the cash register itself. I would get the wheels spinning in my mind, figure out what the price will be plus tax, and then experiment with different ways to figure out the correct change I would receive. I remember doing this when I was a really young boy. In high school, I used to look forward to geometry and calculus class. I am not the only kid to ever do this, but I believe it is a good example that I was always interested in numbers. Only, I was ignorant, due to a lack of knowledge and opportunity, of what numbers meant esoterically. Today, numbers can be seen in the fabrication of creation, in the micro and macrocosms. This might remind you of the Golden Mean, Phi, and/or the Fibonacci sequence.

Before I really got interested in the relationship between numbers and the divine, I did have a vague understanding of numerology. I did believe in Angels, and that they communicate with us in a variety of ways. It was not until one morning, close to Christmas; I woke up to odd patterns suspended in the air. It was a pattern of 3, two green geometric shapes and one red geometric shape in a particular order. Altogether, it looked like a reversed, upside down ‘L’. It was everywhere in my room. After consulting someone and doing research, I came across certain dream interpretations of shapes and colors. I did not come across anything in-depth; I had to analyze my research and the pattern. I immediately drew the picture still burned in my mind on paper that morning. I knew intuitively they were a sign from my angels, a gift. Days later, I kept seeing the recurring numbers, 311, on alarm clocks, televisions, and other miscellaneous stuff.

It popped up in my head, an ‘ah ha’ moment: 311 was a sign from my angel. I consulted with someone else, who told me they have heard of that but did not have a lot of knowledge on Angel Numbers. I found Angel Numbers online by Doreen Virtue; I began to study it ambitiously. It would help me with the pattern I saw, plus the 311 number. 3 shapes in the pattern, plus meaning of the colors, would give me the desperate answer I was seeking for. I will not go any further with that, but there is a relationship between the pattern and numbers. Furthermore, there are certain ways to read Angel Numbers, which I learned in Doreen Virtue’s book. 3 meant the angels were working on my creativity through all 3 levels of consciousness. Next 11 means enlightenment, and working on my thoughts. The angels were sending those vibrations to me, to help me alleviate a distressful situation I was going through, and expanding my consciousness. It is no coincidence, that I kept putting off the idea of journaling, and when I read 311’s significance…it said to start journaling feelings and thoughts. So there is a divine relationship between numbers and our angels, and exercising this relationship will help one tremendously on all levels of being.