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Crystal Bed





  • Feeling of relaxation and peacefulness
  • Deep, restful sleep that may amplify the lucidity of dreams
  • Enhancement of intuition, empathy and understanding of self and others
  • Personal insights and clarity of issues
  • Physical restoration with increased energy and vitality
  • Overall sense of well-being

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  • Jody was my first experience with Reiki & tuning forks! It was relaxing, awakening and overall very balancing. Walking away I felt lighter & open. Can't wait to come back again soon!  ~Michelle~
  • Very relaxing. Will definitely do again. Thank you so much Jody. You are amazing.

Palmistry Class


October 3rd, 2022

 (7 Week Class)

Monday Evenings 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm

Colorful palmistry design. Vector open hand and isoteric sign isolated on white

Class Price $160.00


Cash Price $150.00


$140.00 Cash Paid in Advance


Limited Space, Call Today to Sign Up.




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*** The Pyramid of Enlightenment is rapidly expanding and is continually seeking potential psychics. ***

By taking classes and becoming certified through our organization you have a better chance to pass the test that is required to become a psychic with the Pyramid of Enlightenment.

  • Beginning Tarot -- July 18th
  • Intermediate Tarot -- September 15th
  • Palmistry -- October 3rd        

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Call from the comfort of your own home anywhere in the world and receive a psychic appointment from one of our professional psychics.

(317) 899-7590

Charity Events, College Parties, Corporate Parties, Customer Appreciation, Holiday Parties (Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's), Special Events Don't miss out this year! The latest trend in entertainment! Although we are unable to schedule events for the next few months, we will gladly help you schedule your summer and fall activities.
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Gem & Crystal Trunk Show


Coming in November !

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Every Hour

for Prizes

Saturdays & Sundays

Noon to 8:00 p.m.



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Helping You Find Your Inner Peace

The Pyramid of Enlightenment is a spiritual learning center and bookstore that provides affordable, professional, reliable psychic readings (astrology, clairaudience, clairvoyant, numerology, palmistry, tarot, etc.) in an atmosphere that fosters spirituality.

We offer a variety of classes. Holistic services (past life regressions, Reiki, tuning forks, etc.) are available by appointment.

Angels, books, cleansing supplies, crystal balls, crystals, incense, jewelry, oils, salt lamps, stones, supplements, etc. are carried inside our walk-in bookstore.

Aura photos are $25 or a cash discounted price of $20.

Pyramid of Enlightenment

Kabbalah Red String comes from the Tomb of Rachel to protect you from the evil eye. We have different sizes available.

Child*Star Astrology Reports return with our exclusive additions.
Great for baby showers, birthdays, christenings, and Christmas gifts!
Available in-store and online.

Tuning Forks, tools and training are available through the Pyramid of Enlightenment.
Lee Ann Cornell is a certified vibrational sound master teacher that has completed additional training and is endorsed to teach the Phase 3 Course (C.V.S.M.T. + P3). She holds certified sound therapy training classes and performs energy healing sessions using the tuning forks. To learn more about tuning forks, click here. Click the Soma Energetics picture to visit Soma Energetics website.

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Pyramid of Enlightenment

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We are the only dealer of Moldavite Man's exclusive line of moldavite products in Indiana! Check out our selection of rough stones, candles, incense, soap, and more!

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