Articles - Palmistry is a blueprint that also gives us an insight into the conscious and subconscious mind

Palmistry and What You Do with Your Hands
By Lee Ann Cornell

Pyramid of Enlightenment

The tiny nerve endings in our hands are connected to the central nervous system that runs through the brain, through which all of the electrical energies of our thought patterns pass. Therefore, our hands are a reflection of our neurological system. If the nerves in the hand become severed or damaged, the lines, over time, become broken or disappear.

Sometimes lines break off and start again in the same direction. This may indicate difficulties or delays, when a person stops on the path they are traveling in life and then resumes their travels in the same direction.

Breaks in a life line can indicate illness or a period in an individual's life where they are merely "existing" instead of living.

Lines moving upward off of the life line may indicate an upswing in career or an overall positive change in life.

Lines branching downward suggest setbacks.

The lines are a blueprint that also gives an insight into the conscious and subconscious mind. One's psychological makeup, motivations, focus and attitude can be reflected in the hand. How we operate on a mental, spiritual, emotional, physical and psychological plane is shown as well. As changes occur within ourselves, on all of these levels, they are reflected in the hands. We literally hold the key to our own destiny within our hands.

The things that occurred in our lives, from the moment of birth to the present, serve as a kind of permanent record shown in the lines of our hands. How we deal with everything in life on a mental, spiritual, emotional, psychological and physiological level, both consciously and subconsciously continues to change, and this is shown in the moving, or changing lines in our hands. Nothing ever stays the same in life; therefore, the lines in our hands do indeed change constantly. A new perspective in life brings forth a change in the lines on our hands. We can use our God-given talents and abilities and build on them, or we can block them or choose other directions. All of this is reflected through our hands.

We can discover hidden or latent talents by learning the language of the hands. Visually, we express ourselves with our hand motions. We wave them around as we talk, point to direct attention, hide them in our pockets if we are feeling shy or withdrawn, and cross them if we are feeling defensive. We use our hands to draw people to us as well as push them away. Our hands express a kind of unspoken universal language. They are an expression of how we see the world. A handshake can express a multitude of things.

Hands are also the most useful manner of making a spiritual connection with others. Lovers hold hands, well-wishers use their hands to pat others on the back, parents guide their children through hand signals and touches, and are admonished to use a "firm hand." We pick up the vibrations of others through the hands, and in fact, people will pay a good sum of money to have a massage practitioner lay their hands on them, in order to receive a healing touch. And of course, the Big Guy has the whole world "in his hands!"