Lapis Lazuli By Joshua Ramage

“The King’s Jewel”

Lapis Lazuli is one of the purest stones known. If you want to feel like royalty, then you need to meet my dearest friend Lapis Lazuli. I am not talking about gaining wealth materialistically, but acquiring royal virtues. It has been around for centuries’, as far back as 3000 B.C.; and still prominent today.

There is thought that everyone inside them contains a “king” or “queen” self. Lapis Lazuli helps us know our selves better. People with past lives: as kings/queens, a past life from Egypt, lost city of Atlantis, India, etc. are attracted to the Lapis Lazuli. However, Lapis Lazuli is a stone anyone can use. In biblical days it was believed that the breastplate of righteousness contained Lapis Lazuli among others jewels that High Priestess wore. When King Tutankhamen was buried, his mask contained Lapis Lazuli among other jewels. Lapis Lazuli has been used for a variety of purposes: beads, ornaments, decorations, scepters, crystals, pendants, and many others.

“The truth shall set you free!”

If I were to speculate for a moment, what is a concrete example of a virtuous king? Solomon is the first that comes to mind. Solomon is known to be one of the wisest rulers in his time. His tenured was rare as a King. One word to sum up Solomon’s reign would be PEACE. Solomon was an emblem of peace and wisdom for all. Solomon is not known, to my awareness, for using Lapis Lazuli. However, his character is an archetype that Lapis Lazuli would conjure within us.

Lapis Lazuli is an excellent stone to gain inner wisdom and peace. I have a lot of experience with Lapis Lazuli. Lapis is an excellent tool for self-discovery, especially by meditation or journaling. I highly recommend psychologists, therapists, and psychics to acquire a Lapis Lazuli. If you naturally close-up when under stress, Lapis is a great tool to push you forward. Lapis will help you find truth, and express truth without difficulty. As a side note, I use prayer with anything and everything to channel my energy and time. You do not want to be an open circuit for anything to come through, so I strongly endorse prayer.

In the last couple of years I have been on a mission to rebuttal cumbersome life-questions. I was pondering mind-numbing questions for years. Thankfully, I was given my first Lapis Lazuli as a gift. This made it even more special to me. The midnight blue with hints of gold makes it a beautiful stone. I was unaware of it’s full potential at first, except it could enhance my clairvoyance. It undoubtedly did what I expected and more. I saw brilliant colors light up in my mind’s eye, and felt a connection to my higher self and angels. I would recommend using the Lapis by meditation, no more than 30 minutes as a beginner. Even if you have some experience with Lapis, I would suggest 40 minutes maximum. Energy comes in at a greater magnitude in comparison to using no stone at all. I begin with a prayer. Next I visualized myself in my sacred space. I started to ask questions, and listened for a response from my higher self or angels. I did this for a couple months; I did not always get insights with each meditation. However, I did always feel more relaxed and at peace afterwards. The insights I received were revolutionary. Lapis Lazuli is a genuine gift from up above.

Lapis Lazuli does not only help resolve problems in this lifetime, but it also helps resolve problems carried over from past lives. I was oblivious to the Akashic previous to my Lapis Lazuli alm. I was meditating with my Lapis. Prior to that afternoon, I was curious about past lives for a few weeks. Although, I was not going to fully indulge into my curiosity without guidance. You do not want to open up Pandora’s box, use prayer! I was lying there and going through my usual routine, but this time I was led somewhere different. The following week, my teacher informed me where I had been. I had been guided to a beautiful, golden library. I saw these spirits walking everywhere looking at books. Some of the spirits were wandering around, while others were pulling books off the shelf for inquiry. I personally am a fanatic of books and libraries. If this peaks your curiosity, please do not attempt to reach the Akashic records without professional guidance. Last thing you want to do is open up Pandora’s box. I still use Lapis Lazuli today. Not only does this stone help us find truth today, but we can also gain knowledge of our past lives. Lapis Lazuli allows us to review our life here on earth.

Lapis duality helps us find truth at the heart of matters, but it also enables us to speak truth to others. It works with the third eye and throat chakras. For those who have a hard time putting their thoughts into words, or have difficulty speaking your truth; purchase a necklace with a Lapis Lazuli to wear close to your throat chakra.