Article - How To Use A Pendulum

How To Use A Pendulum

Pyramid of Enlightenment

A pendulum is a tool that may be used to help enhance ones intuitive abilities. The subconscious begins to integrate with higher conscious. As this begins to happen, the subconscious mind may begin to download information from any angels, guides or spirits that might be present. As this information begins to flow through the subconscious mind, it begins to trigger neurological response that causes a twitching of the muscles creating the movement of the pendulum. It is the subconscious mind that controls the movement of the pendulum and nothing else. The subconscious mind is very strong. Our own deepest fears, desires, emotions and ingrained thought patterns can easily effect the movement of the pendulum. Most of the time, we know the answers to questions before asking them. We are merely seeking confirmation of what we already feel within ourselves. Occasionally we may ask questions about things we think we want answered but subconsciously, we are not ready to hear the truth or receive clarification. When this happens, the subconscious mind puts up a block and we do not get any kind of answer and if we do get an answer, it may not be graciously received. There are many times in life where our heart and consciousness are meant to be our only guides.

1. Take three deep breaths as you allow yourself to become relaxed and centered.

2. Quietly say a prayer to yourself and ask for divine guidance and protection.

3. Gently hold the top of the pendulum chain between your thumb and index fingers.

4. Think about the question you are seeking an answer to or ask it out loud.

5. The pendulum may move in a back and forth or in a clockwise motion for yes.

6. The pendulum may move sideways or in a counterclockwise motion for no.

7. The pendulum may move toward letters above a pendulum board or cloth to spell out things for you.

8. The pendulum may move toward months or astrology signs to clue you in on matters that you are seeking into.

9. The pendulum may move toward numbers a number to help you get a feel of dates, times, addresses, etc.

10. Sit the pendulum down and allow the energy to be grounded before you proceed to any additional questions. Remember to do this every time you ask a different question.

11. Sit your pendulum down to ground it when you are finished and place it in a small bag for safe keeping.

12. When you finish your session, make sure you give thanks for any divine inspiration or assistance that you have received.

Remember that the pendulum is like anything else; the more you practice, the easier it becomes. Experiment with this tool and use it for fun. You might even have someone else hold your pendulum for you as you ask a question in your mind only. Have fun with this tool!