Article - Lee Ann's Look at the New Year

Lee Ann's Look at the New Year
By Lee Ann Cornell

A great majority of New Year’s Resolutions that are made with good intentions seem to fall by the wayside. This is due to the fact that they are formulated around self-discipline or restriction. Individuals vow to implement strict regimens into their daily routines or restrict themselves from things that they enjoy such as cigarettes, caffeine, sugar, fats, etc. Deep within the mind there is a rebellious nature that seems to come forward when we feel as though limitations are being placed upon us or we are being disciplined. A feeling of deprivation seems to kick in. There is a battle between the conscious and sub-conscious mind.

The key to a successful resolution is to visualize yourself the way you want to be and vow to do things that you enjoy. If you feel as though you need more exercise, vow to incorporate activities into our life that you enjoy and include family and friends as often as possible. Engage in fun types of activities such as bowling, dancing, skating, walks in the mall or other recreations.

Soon you will begin to look forward to these activities. If time is a factor, try to make every minute count. Do stretching exercises or dance around the kitchen while you cook supper. If you don’t cook, be creative in some other way and devote 5-10 minutes to yourself each day. Bring things into your life that will make you feel better and relieve stress. Try things like positive affirmations and deep breathing exercises, exhaling the day’s tensions.

Instead of restricting your intake of certain foods, incorporate foods into your meals that you enjoy and are also healthy. Do not think or say the word diet! Do not talk about cutting out or eliminating things that are not good for you. Think and talk about the good and healthy things you are doing. Soon you will be eating healthier and will find that you enjoy the variety. Hot cider, herbal teas and hot lemonade are wonderful in the wintertime. The juice of a freshly squeezed lemon mixed with hot water gets you going in the morning and also reduced the appetite.

The key is to incorporate a positive that will eventually override a negative. Develop habits that you enjoy and are good for you. Resolve to do something kind every day.

There is a tremendous energy that is now emanating throughout this planet and our level of consciousness is quickly ascending. It is time more than ever to draw upon the loving, healing energies that surround us all. Individuals unknowing and knowing are being brought together to serve and help one another. Gifts that we have kept buried deep inside of us are starting to emerge. It is a time when people will feel more loving toward one another. A smile, kind word, sympathetic ear are all part of the healing process. It is time to work together to bring forth the light. If one candle can light up a cave think what a few thousand people can do to light the way for others to follow. We must take care of ourselves, the people around us, and the Earth that nurtures us. A great unification is taking place and people will begin to see others in a different light. This will be a wonderful year of healing for many people.