Dreams of Spring

By Robert Wallis

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After a wintertime of browns and grays, springtime brings the greens of growth. This is a time of renewal, and it occurs within each of us, as well as in our environment. Our dreams reflect this and will provide symbols to show how this is happening. A dream of standing in a field and observing rows of new shoots shows that the seeds of ideas have been planted, taken root, and need to be cultivated to flourish. Green symbolizes growth and is important to notice when it occurs in your dreams. Another dream of growth would be to pick up a branch and watch if flower before your eyes. This would be indicative of new “branches” to be taken in life that will let one grow to new potential. A similar dream would be of picking up a branch and watching it change into another object, which would speak of the branching of one’s life directions, and transformation.

Some dreams can be frightening or disturbing, and yet be positive growth dreams. The disturbing aspects are simply added to your dreams to doubly reinforce the message and get your attention. To dream of one’s own death is very disturbing as in a dream of someone’s death who is close to you. Jungian interpretation of the other person in the dream is that the person represents you or certain aspects of yourself. Dreams are full of metaphysical symbols and we need to remember this. Through death comes rebirth; i.e., death of the old, and birth of the new. To dream of one’s death is to recognize that old aspects of Self are being left behind and the Self is being reborn. The sadness one feels during such dreams is the loss of the familiar before knowing what is to replace it. The appearance of someone else who is dying shows your subconscious is side-stepping acceptance that the true self is needing the change, believing that a smaller aspect (as represented by someone else) will be changing.

Dreaming of the birth of a child signifies a significant change in life. The baby represents new potential and growth, and tells you at the same time that care and nurturing will be needed to bring these changes about. A dream of being pregnant brings the same symbolism, as growth takes place that will bring forth a new you. It isn’t unusual for a male to dream of being pregnant (as is featured in the Schwartzenegger movie, Junior), although few will admit it. Can this dream image mean a new and gentler Arnold? Hmmm… I think I’ll sleep on it.