OM Tuning Fork

OM Tuning Fork
By Lee Ann Cornell

Allow yourself to reflect upon the moment when Mother Earth took her place in our galaxy. Spinning and rotating at a precise speed around the sun to maintain her place within this enormous galaxy among galaxies. Movement creates vibration and vibration creates sound. Think of Mother Earth as alive, pulsating, spinning, rotating and vibrating the sacred sound referred to as OM.

The cosmic sound of OM may allow one the opportunity to connect with the primordial sound of Mother Earth. OM may be used to help an individual to become more grounded and centered. One might find a deeper sense of security and safety as they connect with this vibrational frequency. Babies connect to the heartbeat or vibrational frequencies of their mothers. All of Earth’s creatures are connected to the original vibrational frequencies of this great planet. This glorious planet that we live on that helps us sustain and maintain our earthly bodies as we live out our lives here. The OM frequency guides us through the galaxies in the place we call home. Notice that om is in the middle of the word home.

According to David Hulse: The Swiss scientist, Hans Cousto, author of the Cosmic Octave, discovered how to convert planetary cycles into musical pitches. Using his system, the om corresponds to the sound of one Earth year of the time, which is the amount of time it takes the earth to circle the Sun. To arrive at the frequency of 136.1 Hz, an earth year is reduced to a second (frequencies are measured in cycles per second). An Earth year is 365.242 days and an Earth day is 86,400 seconds. When the days are multiplied by seconds the answer will be 315,567,935,9747 seconds which equals one Earth year. To arrive at an audible sound, 315,567,925,9747 seconds are divided into one year and then raised 32 octaves. The result will be 136.1, which is the cosmic note OM. The fundamental tone is approximately C#.

Weighted tuning forks calibrated to this frequency can create a deep sustaining tone that seems to create a relaxed state through-out the body. The stem of an OM tuning fork may also be placed on the acupressure points of the body to stimulate movement through the meridians.

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