Articles - The Ties that Bind

The Ties that Bind
By Debbie Alderson

Pyramid of Enlightenment

Is there someone in your life that you wish would just go away and leave you alone? Are you dwelling on that person, or thinking negative thoughts about them? If you are, you need to reprogram your way of thinking. The thoughts we keep are what produce action in our lives. If you spend your time thinking negative thoughts, you will attract that negativity back into your world. It is not always easy to send positive loving thoughts to someone who we feel has wronged us, but the only way we can release the ties that binds them to us is by doing just that.

The old saying that there is a fine line between love and hate holds very true. The bonds (or chains) that hold us to one another are built on our thoughts and feelings of that person. When we dislike someone, and keep them in our mind due to what we feel was unjustly done to us, we are in turn keeping them chained to us. Let them go and forgive them so that you can move on! This is especially true for those people we have had close emotional relationships with. Our emotions of that person intensify our thoughts and can build the chains thicker and thicker with each negative thought we have of them.

When someone comes in your mind that you feel negative about, take the time to send out positive thoughts in their direction. See, in your mind's eye, you forgiving them and releasing them. I know it isn’t always easy, but it will make your life a whole lot easier if you do this exercise. Place white light above their head within your mind. Picture them operating at a new level of awareness. See that they have passed up the level they once were at when they wronged you in the past. Feel in your heart that they are truly sorry and will not wrong you in the future.

As the white light shines above them, picture it entering their body and healing them from any negativity they held towards you. Ask your angels to come in and help you release this person and to help you heal any negative emotions that you hold toward them. As you do this exercise, try to practice it once a day until you do not think about this person anymore in a negative way. Once the feelings are past you will feel totally at peace with this person. You are then healed and the bonds that once existed from hate and negativity will be broken forever.

Let this be the time when you set yourself free from unwanted trespasses and influence in your life. You hold the keys to make your life richer and full of positive loving thoughts with people who will reflect those thoughts back in your life. You have but two choices - you can take charge of your life or you can let life take charge of you. The choice is yours to make.

I hope you find this year full of happiness and hope for the future years to come. May peace be with you always.