Seasons for the Spirit

By Robert Wallis

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The wintertime of the soul is given as a time of pause in our lives. Just as there are seasons of nature, there are seasons of the soul. Nature’s winter is a time to quietly rebuild and prepare for the sudden growth of springtime. Accept the time given to you, for as surely as day follows night, there is a spring following the winter and once more your soul will grow and flower again.

Wintertime is a depressing time for many. The lack of sunshine and warmth can be depressing to the spirit. The hampering of outdoor activities affects many. Spirits ebb and we can get “emotional cabin fever”. We look forward to the springtime with its longer and warmer days, flowers blooming, and a sense of purpose.

There are times when it’s not necessary to be in the middle of winter to have low spirits. Life challenges and setbacks can steal your energy and your spirit. We’ve all heard the expressions, “Nothing lasts forever”, and “The only constant thing in life is change”. Going through difficult times calls for confidence in yourself that you can make it out of “wintertime” and into your “springtime”. Nothing lasts forever and difficult times are challenging, but again, nothing lasts forever. The trick is to remain upbeat, positive in outlook, and remember that good follows bad.

Positivity begets more positivity, negative outlooks draw more negativity. Just as in the springtime you weed your lawn and garden of unwanted weeds, you need to weed negative people and negativity out of your life. The adage of “Don’t water the weeds if you don’t want them to grow” applies here. Water what you want to grow, and don’t encourage the weeds of negativity.

Look forward to sunshine, warmth, and a time of growth for your springtime is arriving. Project your growth as a positive outlook. Distance yourself from those who would splash negativity on you. It is not your karma to try and change these people and situations. It is your karma to grow and prosper. Draw the sunshine of life to you and embrace it. It’s your time of the season.