How to Select a Crystal

By Lee Ann and Crystal

Pyramid of Enlightenment

Animal, vegetable or mineral? If you’re asking about a crystal, all of these answers would be correct. The gemstones found in the earth contain these essences in a proportion that makes them a living embodiment of the earth – in other words, crystals are microcosms of all Earthly Life.

The various qualities of a crystal reflect various harmonics of energy, shown in their shape, their color, their clarity and their type. The most basic crystal – often called the grandfather of all crystals – Is the clear quartz. All other crystals are cousins of this gemstone, reflecting different vibrations which will attract people to them who need to reinforce that level of energy in their lives.

When you are attracted to dark-colored stones such as apache tears (or obsidian), hematite, black tourmaline or petrified wood (yes, this is a crystalline form!), you are seeking grounding in your life.

Warm colored stones such as red, orange or gold (garnet, ruby, tiger eye, amber or citrine, for example), reflect a need to develop the positive expression of the life-force, or a passion for life, in your personality.

Cool stones, colored sea-blue, pink or mint green (such as aquamarine, aventurine, rose quartz, fluorite, amethyst and sapphire), suggest a need for calming energies to be brought into your world.

Do not overlook an aversion you feel to a particular stone, either. This may be an area of your life that you’re dismissing as unimportant at this time, whereas if you pay attention to it you may raise your level of awareness to barriers you have been blind to in your current circumstances.