Articles - Clairsentience

By Emily

There are many ways of receiving psychic information and one of the ways is through clairsentience or “clear sensing”. Most of us have at least one or two “clairs” or psychic abilities that are stronger than the rest, but we have the ability to develop all of them with the help of our Angels and a willingness to devote the time and patience for daily meditation.

Clairsentience and empathy are often thought of as the same term, but the qualities of each are slightly different.

A person will be able to feel the emotions of another and absorb the energy as if it is their own through empathy. When they see someone cry, they will cry, or someone laugh because they feel happy, the empath will laugh and feel happy. Often it can be very taxing for an empath to be in crowds due to the variety of energy being felt and absorbed into the body. Without strong boundaries, the empath will become lethargic and drained.

As a clairsentient, energetic feelings can be felt in the body similar to the empath, but they are transformed into psychic knowledge beyond the emotions. Physical sensations are felt in the body that translate information to the clairsentient as a knowing. These sensations can come in the form of chills, goosebumps, tingling, feeling a change in temperature or a draft in the room, nausea, elation, etc. It is different from empathy because the emotions or feelings are not necessarily experienced rather they are understood as information.

It is possible to have both empathic and clairsentient capabilities but not always. An empath can lack clairsentience and a clairsentient isn’t always an empath.