Spooky Occurrences

By Josh Ramage

Why get a Psychic Reading Right Now?

Pyramid of Enlightenment

We are approaching the ghouly, ghostly, and spooky Hallloweeeen. Can you already feel autumn’s kiss, or the reminiscent memories that linger like a dense fog smothering the morning sun? There are mysteries that show their ghostly face during this time of the year. Can you sense them? Tune in your dials! For there is a wonderful happening that could grasp all of your curiosities! As we approach Halloween, few might know the importance of the veil thinning, and many may receive its blessing. Each traveler must walk with light steps. For the phenomenon that may occur, could elude us like the elastic-luminescent orb in the black sky.

So what is Halloween? The commencement of Halloween is the celebration of the dead. The more modern-day version gives everyone the excuse to dress in an assortment of costumes and parade to their own amusement. A more light-hearted version, but nonetheless fun and special time of the year. Parents and children begin to crowd the streets as young mistresses and Frankenstein’s rasp at doors for a delicious chocolatey-snack. Under Halloween’s frenzy-cloak is a special happening! As we approach Halloween, the veil that separates the physical and spiritual worlds slowly fades.

The veil is a dimensional layer, which separates parallel worlds. It thickens and thins throughout the year, but at Halloween it is the thinnest. People are more hyper-sensitive to the spiritual world. It is a time for a lot of paranormal activity, both good and bad. Do not try to make contact with spirits on your own! This is a time of the year when there are a lot of spirits looming around. Spirits are able to fool you into believing they are someone else. One must walk with a Light conscious, so they may dial into the right channel. This is a time when we can connect to Angels, loved ones and Masters of light. There are other times of the year that the thinning of the veil winks at us, but none can measure up to the prosperity of Halloween.

I would recommend taking advantage of this, by getting a psychic reading from the Pyramid of Enlightenment. Why? As I said earlier, not only is this a time for loved ones to be more active on the other side, there are also mischievous and vulgar spirits as well. Again, one must walk with a Light conscious, so they may tune into the right channel. At the Pyramid of Enlightenment, we are taught and believe that we are channels of light to assist others on their spiritual journey here on earth. Obtaining a psychic reading can help one receive divine messages from the other side, receive comfort surrounding loved ones that have passed, and guidance to help one make good-sound judgements in the future. So join us for an enriching and fun experience at our psychic fairs during the month of October!