Article - Romance Coated with Numbers

Romance Coated with Numbers

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Have you ever wondered why you were drawn to someone in the first place? Why does this person fit better in your ideal picture of love, and yet another does not? Is your current situation but a glimpse of true love, blink of an eye? Or is it written in the sky, their love makes your soul rise? Numerology is able to fill in the blank spaces, give you poetic understanding. It is able to explain if your relationship is a perfect match, is it temporary, what do you two need to work on. Certain numbers work very well with each other, while others could be like trying to keep two magnets (positively charged) stay together. If you get married, which last name would be a better fit in your schema?  Furthermore, the numbers can explain business relationships, friendships, relationships between children and parents, etc. The numbers are creative energies of the life power’s expression, always in cycle. They are contained in atoms, in the stars and more!  Learning to work with numbers and knowing the numbers gives you a window into the divine dance of the creator.

For example, 1 and 8 is a yes or no without a shade of grey. They both like to be at the top of the food chain, and respectively could push either to the top in personal career endeavors. However, the bluntness of 8 is too much for a number 1 to take. A number 1 rushes into things, and could be a bit too scattered for the stability and practicality of what the number 8 requires. So this could be a good relationship at the beginning, but in the end it will definitely be a balancing act for both parties.