Angel Meditation
By Lee Ann Cornell

Meditation is a form of prayer. An invocation of the divine drawing us closer to God's celestial hierarchy. It is a way for humans to draw upon the Creative Life Force or life giving energy of the universe, drawing into our lives healing and miracles. It is a process of tuning in within and discovering other dimensions that are beyond the everyday conscious state of mind.

As one continues to meditate, the senses expand and a new level of awareness begins to develop. We may begin to see, hear, feel and smell things in a different way, seeing visions, hearing celestial choirs or words of encouragement, sensing a loving, comforting presence nearby or smelling wonderful fragrances that seem to come from nowhere. It is always important to have a focus when you meditate.

For centuries, many cultures have used prayer beads as a focal point for meditative prayer. Repetition helps to bring focus to the mind. Intent and sensitivity of heart is of the utmost importance as you invoke these celestial beings. The prayer that you use must come from your heart. You may change the words in prayers or create your own prayers, but use words that move your heart so your heart can be open to the divine.


All mighty, all powerful, everlasting God. I humbly come before you and ask that forever more you will magnify my soul with your presence. Touch my heart and help me see the beauty of your divine expression. Guide me and surround me with your light of protection. Surround me and all of my loved ones with the protection of your holy angels. Bring forth your Archangels and legions of holy angels to foster love, peace and light in the world. Intensify my awareness of these divine celestial beings and help me become more in tune to the love and divine wisdom they radiate. Foster love, compassion, forgiveness and mercy in my heart. Let me become a beacon of thy light. Amen.