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Angelic Vibrations
By Lee Ann Cornell

Pyramid of Enlightenment

This is a time of great spiritual evolvement. A tremendous awakening is taking place and an increasing number of individuals are coming in touch with their angels. As the vibrations of those upon this planet continue to accelerate, contact with the angels will continue to increase. Contact may come through prayer, meditation, heartfelt love, compassion for others and a desire to selflessly serve humanity. It is time to evolve beyond ourselves and develop more universal concepts. As love radiates in the heart it is reflected in the aura. What starts out as a glimmer of light can grow into a beacon of light. Angels and guides work through and are drawn to the light.

They help us make contact with our higher consciousness and evolve spiritually. These celestial beings protect us; bring forth healing energies, inspirations and solutions to daily problems. Angels do not control our lives, they merely light the way for us to follow. Each of us has been granted free will to make our own choices and there are certain things we must learn for ourselves.

Some people will merely sense the presence of angels and others will actually see them. Angels communicate with us telepathically, so that little voice in the back of your head that tells you to do or not to do something might just be your angel. Angels bring forth vision through your third eye and serenade you on the celestial plane. It is comforting to know that each one of us is blessed with the love of our angels.

Blessed are our children for they enter our world from the kingdom of God and carry with them the vibrations of the angels. Their hearts are full of trust and unconditional love. They live in the world of present and every day is full and wondrous.