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Test the Spirit
By Lee Ann Cornell

Each soul is assigned a Guardian Angel at the time of birth. This Angel stays with us through the entirety of our life. As children of God, we are granted free will. Our Guardian Angels and all of our Celestial Helpers are not allowed to interfere with our free will. Through the grace of God, they bring forth to us guidance, healing energies and protection.

Our angels are far more enlightened than we are, but they are not all knowing and all encompassing like God. Our celestial helpers cannot predict the actions and reactions of all mankind. Therefore, they have a grand overview, but there are things that even the angels in Heaven can't foresee.

Life on this earthy plane is meant to be a learning experience. There are numerous things that each one of us must experience and figure out on our own, without the help of our celestial helpers. God grants things to us in his own time and in his own way.

Sometimes, the answers to our questions are right in front of us, but we refuse to see them because it is not the answer we want to see or hear. The things we want in life may not always match what God has in store for us.

Satan is a master of deception. He will bring forth demonic entities that will try to disguise themselves as celestial helpers. These demonic forces can disguise themselves as dearly beloved souls that have passed on before us. Always test the Spirit or source you are dealing with. If the source you are dealing with cannot say they acknowledge the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, banish it immediately. Say, "Satan, Get behind me and be gone. I wash myself in The Blood of The Lamb, Unclean Spirit be gone."

Halloween is reputedly a time when the veil of the Astral lifts and the assistance of our ancestral elders can be invoked. One may be subject to Spirit contact without invoking anything! The Astral veil becomes thinner all throughout the month of October, and through Mid-November. Surround yourself with the Light of Christ and always test the Spirit!