Article - Carnelian

By Robin

Ah Carnelian, a worthy help for the Sacral energy center! Hello to curious chakra readers! This gemstone, Carnelian, is one of many that aid with our topic this month. Amber, Tangerine Quartz, Orange Calcite, Mookaite are some others you might find useful in aiding the chakra center just beneath the Belly-Button. Last month the root energy center was highlighted. The color range of these stones vary from dark, orange/brown to fiery, golden orange, yet translucency or glass-like sheen to it. Carrying this stone brings passion, motivation and drive. Stimulating and starting acts or enthusiasms toward endeavors gets underway with this stone. Carnelian pulls creative and playful emotions forward. When you feel guilt, obsession, exuberance, over-indulgence, aggression, over-sensitivity, timidity or distrust; carrying Carnelian can alleviate and align these feelings. Passion and frustration are cues this energy center can benefit from gemstone assistance. Physically, carry this stone to clean, clear, purify reproductive organs, intestinal issues and low energy setbacks. Suppressed emotions can manifest in physical symptoms in this area, as well as psychological, mental and spiritual actions. Carnelian’s frequency will attune with this Sacral chakra energy so the balanced Root chakra’s influence can start an open path along the energy centers for our life journey.