Love is Existential

Love is Existential
By Joshua Ramage

I came across a good quote, “Spiritual peace comes from self-worth and forgiveness.” Love is the gateway to both. You have to love yourself to gain self-worth. Forgiving others is by outward expression of love. Love is volatile to Spiritual peace, and ascension. When someone wrongs us, or we wrong them, it creates a vortex of emotions, ranging from guilt to anger. This creates an ugly face of resentment and fear if we allow it to go that far. As both a psychic, and a human being, I have seen and experienced the torture of guilt and anger arising from experiences rooted in childhood all the way to yesterday. I really want to compare what I said above, that “Love is volatile to Spiritual peace, and ascension”, to the nature of a hummingbird. I use this analogy to create a harmonious image of existing within the world and with God.

A hummingbird is a majestic and spiritually revered bird in many traditions. It exists in a range of multiple colors, brilliant and beautiful. What I like the most though, is its ability to fly backwards. If we could picture ourselves flying backwards, would it not raise emotions of fear and anxiety? It’s like falling off a cliff in your dream, shocking your conscious. Hummingbirds make it look so easy; their posture does not change which implies stability of innate character. Even though they are flying backwards, they are always looking forward. It is not wrong to visit the past once in a while, and say, “Gosh, I cannot believe how far I have come!” To reminisce the past could allow memories of purity, innocence, and happiness to raise one’s spirit. To reminisce the past illuminates previous lessons and knowledge to make better decisions now! Love enables one to get unstuck from the past, and to live in the now. Love fills the essence of the hummingbird’s beating heart and mind, strengthening its muscles so it can soar effortlessly through the air. The hummingbird’s ability to love enables it to live in the now, to exist, and move forward. Love is the extension of the One Creator, the source of life. How does it make you feel, when you are loved? How does it make you feel to love yourself? How does it make you feel to love another? Rhodochrosite is a gateway to love!


Astrological Sign: Leo

Chakras: Solar Plexus (3rd), Heart (4th)

Cleansing: All

Element: Fire, Water

Hardness: 3.5-4

Pyramid of Enlightenment

Vibration: 4

Rhodochrosite helps with emotional healing, recovery of lost memories and forgotten gifts, self-love, and compassion. It raises one’s vibration, as an affect, creates more harmonious relationships and capacity to love one’s self and others. It enables one to perceive one’s talents and gifts, as well as others. It is a powerful heart healer, forming a bridge between heart and mind. It aids one to work on the inner child, deep-rooted wounds.