Psychic and Dream Expert - Robert Wallis

Pyramid of Enlightenment

Robert has had a lifelong interest in metaphysical phenomena. This interest focused on dream interpretation in the mid-60’s when he studied Freudian and Jungian psychology. Demands of education and career caused him to sidestep formal exploration of these subjects until the middle 1980’s, when he resumed intensive study of dreams and Zen meditation techniques.

His interest in Tarot was piqued when a dream class was cancelled and he signed up for one on Tarot interpretation as an alternative. To his surprise and fascination, he found correlations between the symbols on the cards and the images in dream analysis. He began doing professional readings in 1985, and taught dream interpretation and Tarot classes through the Free University. Bob says, "I remain a skeptic about many phenomena. Coming from an engineering and scientific background, I abhor unexplained effects. On the other hand, I’ve learned to accept processes that work and prove to be valid."

Bob also does past life readings. His background in this area began as a convergence of several issues; the need to understand life events that had no clear cause, reading he was doing in the books of Jane Roberts, and personal past life regression experiences that were an extension of his studies in dream interpretation. "I’ve always had an interest in history," Bob explains. "Not just dates, battles and treaties, but how people lived, what their society was like, how they thought. From this base, my past life readings tend to be in their social dealings. Above all, I strive to focus on what the life lesson was and how that applies to this life. What I try to give someone through a reading is a life overview (distant and near past), how that determines where they are now, and what roads are open to them in the future. By giving in this manner, I, myself, grow and understand the connection that everyone has to everyone and everything else."