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Lisa is a clairvoyant, psychic and  energy balancing facilitator. Lisa utilizes her own 44 Dream Card Deck which she created for her psychic readings.

Lisa has always utilized her psychic ability to guide her on her path and to tune into the energy of her surroundings. Throughout her life, her ability to telepathically communicate or just “know” things, seemed normal. Although she had metaphysical experiences earlier in her life, it wasn’t until 2008 after a separation from her former husband that she began receiving a deluge of metaphysical experiences. These experiences included remote viewing, teleportation, bi-location, visits to other realms and spaceships, and encounters with multi-dimensional beings. They felt so real that she couldn’t attribute them to her imagination. Her metaphysical experiences gave Lisa a new perspective about life’s journey and the mechanics of this reality. They also produced a joyful “afterglow” that has lightened up her life and enhanced her psychic abilities.

In 2012, Lisa created a website and venue called Dreams for Society, with the mantra, “Imagine, Visualize and Create”. As host of Dreams for Society, Lisa interviews guests about their creative contributions and dreams for society. She also posts videos of her own discussions about her metaphysical experiences and her understanding of this realm. You will find these interviews as well as Lisa’s videos, blogs and publications at her Dreams for Society website (

In 2015, Lisa completed 77 class hours and 20 coaching hours to receive her certificate of graduation from Coach U, a reputable international school.

Lisa is an attorney on in-active status. On 1/1/17, she retired from her 35-year lawyering and lobbying career in which she represented global corporations before the Indiana General Assembly and state agencies.

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