Psychic - Kimberly

Pyramid of Enlightenment

Kimberly was raised in the south with very strict religious beliefs outlined in the Holy Bible. She did not discount her learning; however, she was aware that there was more. She knew that angels and spirits existed to help guide us every day. Kimberly could always read people, even as a child. She had an inner sense about their moods and emotions. With no one to explain that this was a unique gift, she never paid much attention to it.

A conflict existed in her strict upbringing and her inner sense of knowledge. She moved to Indiana during the time she was trying to find herself. Kimberly shared her inner struggle with a friend, who recommended that she visit the Pyramid of Enlightenment for spiritual insight. The reading she received helped her accept her own inner knowing and she left feeling spiritually complete. Her interest grew from there and she studied the tarot cards. She read books, took classes at the Pyramid of Enlightenment, and was mentored by Lee Ann.

Working in the medical field exposed Kimberly to a satisfaction that came with helping people. She learned that working as a psychic is an additional way to help people; an emotional help that many people need. She has witnessed many people come in to the Pyramid of Enlightenment with a weight on their shoulders, looking for guidance. She loves being able to help them release the emotional baggage, remove their burdens, and light up before they leave. Kimberly was been working with the Pyramid of Enlightenment for almost a year now.

  1. Clairvoyance
  2. Medium
  3. Tarot