Psychic - Emily Garrett

Pyramid of Enlightenment

I'd like to take this opportunity to introduce myself to you. I am a clairvoyant/Psychic and have been working steadily in Fort Wayne, Indiana for six years. Before that I built a large following in the Indianapolis, Chicago, and various individuals throughout the United States and Canada.

Many of my readings employ my clairvoyant abilities to let clients connect with loved ones on the other side, as well as help them with details of their lives. I use Tarot, Palmistry, or my Clairvoyant ability. I have read a well-know historical building in which I was able to see and communicate with the spirits residing there. I am also gifted in communication with animals and have recently worked at "Bark in the Park" in Indianapolis to benefit the Hamilton County Humane Society.

I have traveled extensively with my gift. Learning to handle large crowds and quickly move from one reading to another. The years that I traveled gave me a wonderful Opportunity to learn about people. To always seek what was the most important question they had and answer quickly and honestly without embarrassing the client.

I also enjoy speaking in front of groups. Last year I gave a speech on heaven and what happens when you arrive. Several years ago I spoke to a group on the impromptu subject about how differently each of us perceived something as simple as snow! Some see it as slush and a problem and others like me see the beauty of the snowflakes as they come down and the purity of the yards before people walk through them. I was surprised that I enjoyed speaking in front of people. But it was a good test for me.

In Fort Wayne I have established a very large group of clients through private readings and private parties. I have done live radio call-in readings for HOT 107.9 (which is the number radio station) in our city. I have had an article written exclusively about me in the Fort Wayne Centennial. I am also giving readings in two establishments on Friday nights and enjoy it thoroughly. I love meeting new people.

Many years ago when I became aware of my gifts I realized the responsibility that such a gift entailed.