Psychic - Angie Linares

Angie Bio

At a young age, Angie knew there was something special about herself. As children, Angie, her sister, and neighborhood friends would do seances on their back porch without realizing that she could see spirits and was really communicating with them. Ghosts and the paranormal have fascinated Angie throughout her life. She was raised in a Christian (Methodist) background with five generations in one church. Angie was saved at the age of fourteen with assistance from her great-aunt Mae. Still, she knew that there was something more than organized (political) religion as she soon found out. She grew up, married and had her first child, a son. He was born with a heart disease that ended his young life at the tender age of 5 1/2 months. Angie was never the same.

Angie and her husband struggled, but had two other children (daughters) that grew up to be thriving adults. After seven years, Angie's marriage failed due to the scars of their past. In 1992, Angie began a journey she would never turn back from. She began finding strength, and through her losses, wanted to help others. She began searching her spirituality through her Native American (Eastern Cherokee) ancestry. It seemed to provide her with some sense of comfort, yet something was still missing in her life. She was trying to fill some kind of spiritual void but could not put her finger on what it was that she was looking for or what she was missing. Along came the Pyramid of Enlightenment.

Angie discovered the group Pyramid of Enlightenment and amazing new doors began to open up for her. She began to find her purpose in life as she continued to study through the years with her teacher and spiritual advisor, Lee Ann Cornell. The loving group at the Pyramid of Enlightenment became her second family and for the last 30 years has welcomed Angie and her daughters as their own. The rest is still manifesting...

Angie is clairvoyant, clairaudient and can channel her spirit guide and spirit council. She reads tarot, is an ordained minister and is a Reiki Master. Her paranormal hobbies include ghost investigation and blessing houses for clients that think they need that little extra due to signs of preternatural activity. She wants to help people to understand that there is a higher power and purpose in our lives. God (source), Angels, and Spirit Guides walk with us every day of our fabulous journey. We are truly on an enlightened path and Angie wants to help "you" find yours. May your Spirit Guides and Angels surround you with love, light, guidance and protection. God Bless Us All.