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Meditation Techniques
with Lisa Hays

6:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m. (3 week class) 

Tuesday, June 11th
Tuesday, June 18th
Wednesday, June 26th

Join Lisa for a deep dive into meditation techniques that will transform your outlook on life as well as open doorways to other dimensions.

For the past 25 years, but especially since 2008, Lisa has experienced metaphysical and transformational awakenings that have given her a wondrous new perspective about life’s journey and the mechanics of this reality. Lisa’s intuitive and psychic gifts have grown during this time as well.

Benefits of taking this class:

  • You will learn and experience the art of meditation that will enhance your life.
  • You will learn a deep meditation practice that connects your heart with your brain and opens up portals of awareness and other dimensional experiences.
  • You will engage in a semi-meditative practice to enter the Void. Lisa will share her experiences of entering the Void and the magic that happened right afterwards.

     BRING EYE MASK that blocks out light


In this 3-part class series, you will learn meditative techniques you can practice at home to enrich your life. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Class 1:  June 11th  

  • Meditation mantras and prayers that tune you to high frequencies
  • Intro to ATIH meditation technique designed to get you in a deep meditative state to enter portals; establish beams connecting pineal chakra

Class 2:  June 18th

  • Practice technique to enter the VOID where all potential exists and the next moment is miraculous – Lisa will share her own technique and experiences
  • Practice ATIH meditation technique and enter the sacred space of the heart to other dimensions

Class 3:  June 26th

  • Short recap of first two classes
  • Deeper practice of ATIH meditation to enter the sacred space of the heart to other dimensions
  • Share own experiences of ATIH mediation with class


Three Class Price: $90 if paid at first class; or Cash Discount of $80 if paid at first class